ANR – Stay Kids Deluxe Version (SICNOTE118)

SIC Sampler – SIC Winter Sale (SICNOTE111)

The Silent League – We Go Forward (SICNOTE105)

A Lull – Confetti (SICNOTE102)

The Concretes – WYWH (SICNOTE096)

A Lull – Weapons For War (EP) (SICNOTE095)

Memory Tapes – Player Piano (Bonus Version) (SICNOTE093i)

Niva – Feverish Dreams (EP) (SICNOTE090)

The Gay Blades – Savages (SICNOTE089)

ANR – Stay Kids (SICNOTE087)

Class Actress – Journal Of Ardency (SICNOTE082)

Other Passengers – We Are All (SICNOTE081)

Damn Arms – Patterns (Special Edition) (SICNOTE079)

Acrylics – All Of Fire (SICNOTE077)

The Silent League – The Orchestra Sadly Has Refused & Of Stars And Other Somebodies (SICNOTE067)

The Gay Blades – Ghosts iTunes exclusive (SICNOTES063)

The Rest – Everything All At Once (SICNOTE058)

Memory Cassette – Rewind While Sleepy (SICNOTE044)

Loney Dear – Sologne (SICNOTE025)

Air France – No Way Down iTunes Album Bundle (SICNOTE060)

Memory Tapes – Seek Magic (SICNOTE049)

SIC Sampler – Better Pop Music (SICNOTE076)


Akira The Don – When We Were Young (SICNOTE024)

Christian Silva – Bring His Head (SICNOTE012)