The Gay Blades





Hot outta New Jersey, and proudly wearing the homegrown love of Spin, Blender, AP, Daytrotter, Stereogum and countless radio stations and blogs, THE GAY BLADES have come into our lives to have fun, to make you cry (in a good way), to rock and to make you cry (in a mean way).

2008 saw nearly 200 shows under their belts criss-crossing America and 2009 saw the same but included Europe too.  When you see them play, this shows.   And it matters.  They are a thrilling live band and damn fine entertainers.  Larger than life is what they aim for and it is what they achieve comfortably as a massive sounding two piece, Clark Westfield (vox/gtr) and Puppy Mills (drums) own the stage with no frills, no pedals, and no costume changes.

These boys entertain.

Comparisons with Eagles Of Death Metal, Beck, White Stripes, The Cars and Bright Eyes have all been levelled at them and, yeah, they all have some truth in them.   The Gay Blades write big, arch pop songs with a glint in their eye and though they’d die (or kill) before admitting it, these songs are from the heart and they really do mean it, maan.


  Savages (LP)SICNOTE 089Buy it Here
  Ghosts (LP)SICNOTE 046Buy it Here


Burns and Shakes Video – Directed by Akira The Don

‘O Shot’ Video

NHDN video

For more Tour Videos go to The Gay Blades YouTube channel.


[“Ghosts] rips through hook-heavy songs like a teen who’s imbibed way too many Mountain Dews” –  NYLON

“Grimy, gritty…with thunderous spitting Eagles of Death emtal riffs matched with vocals that snarl.” – The Fly

“Gay Blades are about fun and songs that are…instantly catchy, sung with plenty of gusto and seem genuine, even if a little ridiculous.” – Artrocker

“In this recessionary times, it’s just the kind of upbeat pleasure that’s required.” – Artrocker

“The whole package is fierce charming” – Hot Press

“Straddles the line between punk and swaggering 70s riff-rock pretty convincingly.” – NME

“Clark Westfield and Puppy Mills are bad, bad men, as we love ’em” – NME

“Loud and gaudy, fleetingly grating, but ultimately much fun.” – Q

“their ribald enthusiasm is contagious” – Q

“genuinely exciting genre-free music” – Rock Sound

“will make you laugh, make you cry, and maybe make you fall in love.” – Rock Sound

“let’s hope (they) have more songs as good as O Shot” – Uncut


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