69 Corp




69CORP have made an album. A perfectly sweet compilation of everything. Weird Japanese Toys from the future. And four chords from the past.

It is a huge sprawlling album that draws on 40 years of pop music. It is Spiritualized drifting over Screamadelica. It is Brian Wilson remixed by New Order. It is REM rubbing up to Kraftwerk. It is The Byrds as misheard by Derrick May.

It is beautiful, sad, discodelic wisdom.

Each tune/song has a common genetic thread;

10% Screamadelica’s shine. 15% Joy Division’s stealth.

The balance is all new angles; widescreen and pinhole; and never the same trick twice.

REMIXED: The Bravery / doves / HOWIE B / SFA / dalek / blocparty / The Silent League / Raveonettes

69CORP’s single Demonseed was championed by Steve Lamcq and Mary Anne Hobbs. It was played out in the clubs by Erol, Laurent Garnier, Richard Fearless, Weatherall, Howie B, dalek, Aim, Richard X and in scores of other clubs nationally.


  Demonseed (Single)

Sicnote005 – Sold Out

  Our Present to the Future (LP)

Sicnote002 – Sold Out

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