Bored of the left, scared of the right.

Policies for the COMMON SENSE PARTY.

End austerity.

Invest in the future.


re-Nationalise whenever possible.

Rail. Energy. Utilities.

No renewal of any contracts.


Massive co-op housing build.

With restricted resale. First time buyers only. Index linked resale prices.


End the nonsense OBR/ONS estimates of Unemployment and Inflation


Armour plate NHS. Ring-fenced, index-linked budget. Do not renew private/PFI contracts.


Huge increase in punishment for financial crime. Fines and Prison.


Close ALL tax loopholes. Flat rates enforced without exception. Personal and Corporate.

Tax private schools, religious institutions + grey area charities


Slash govt subsidies for Big Business.


Increase Government loans to Invest in small business.


Invest in Schools and Research.

Invest and support Generation of IPs.


Reverse Article 50 immediately.

Re-establish a leadership role within the EU .

Mandatory voting in Commons and Lords.

End Whips.


Call Out every specific Trump lie if he’s still going.

Ram Leveson 2 through.

Armour plate / replace IPSO/PCC

Equal sized front page apologies for front page lies + massive increase in fines.

End printing upskirt celeb nip slip yacht shots. Grow the fuck up.


End Universal Credit roll out immediately

Look hard at Universal Income.


Make everyone vote.


Make Facebook spend as much of its endless profit as is required
to police itself effectively
pay someone to do so.

Enforce slander rules on Social Media. Proceeds to be invested in NHS


Stop UK businesses registering abroad.

Tax the hell out of Amazon.


Tax the hell out of Starbucks.


Deport Steve Bannon and shut down his cabal of supporters

Criminalise any organisations with Nazi imagery/ideas.


Cancel Trident which I absolutely bet fucks up anyway and,
despite what the actual Defence Minister has to say, there’s no way we will strike 1st – alone – so what’s the point.


Borrow whatever the shortfall requires.

It’s not like we won’t have to do it anyway after Brexit tanks the UK economy,
leaves financial scarring across Europe
leaving everyone in hock to the Russians, Chinese and whoever else is left holding.


The Monotony Of Dread



It does feel like a never ending cavalcade of shit.

Doesn’t it?

If you read my twitter or FB feed you’ll know I am obsessed with it.

I get scared when people get bored of hearing about it.

I understand it.

The Monotony Of Dread.

But it challenges you to ignore it.

Another side show

Another outburst.

I’ll NUKE IRAN = My Campaign manager is on trial this week.



But it’s war.

Russia is waging war on us. Not the old, expensive, tanks and bullets way.

But a new subtle, and not so subtl,. Insidious and Very Effective kind of war

THE KGB have been at it for years. A long game. The longest.


Four stages:

Demoralisation: 15-20 years

Destabilisation 2-5 years (a presidency, say)

Crisis: SOMETHING TERRIFYING 6 weeks they reckon to push the button and turn America into crisis.

Normalisation: A harsh solution and a jackboot on every street corner.

(That puts us just before Crisis by my calculations)

And at the risk of you thinking my shiny hat is in fact made of tinfoil

Aleksandr Dugin

Is the man behind it.

Read that. Read more. Tell me I’m wrong.

tell me he doesnt connect Bannon/Mercer/Spencer with Farage/Banks/Assange and theRepublicans/NRA and Donald’s tawdry dyNASTY

Good ol Nige.

It can’t all be connected?

It can’t literally be a worldwide fascist conspiracy (wibble) to go back to premodern times.

To send coloured people home/away/anywhwere-else

To persecute any brown people left and take away their rights

To persecute women and take away their rights

To persecute gay and take away their rights

To put rich white men in charge of everything.


Too crazy.

Things that are making me happy


I’ve watched a lot. As usual.

And a lot of crap. As usual. But watching crap films is still instructive.

Annihilation was a trip. Loved it. Loved it more for not knowing much about it going in.

Den Of Thieves was surprisingly great; if a little long.

Still not seen A Quiet Place or Isle of Dogs

Marvel’s two this year were great. They have tentpole cinema nailed. The mix of fun, suspense, action, comedy and surprise is stirred to perfection.

My friend made me watch Defendor. A recent-ish Woody Harrelson joint about a mentally ill man who thinks he’s a superhero. I’ve seen this done before – badly – but the hard mix of dumb comedy, gruesome scenes and real heartbreak was nailed.

Got around to seeing Jumanji which was surprisingly fun. Discovered the writers used to write for Community, so that’ll be why.

Also I Tonya, Three Billboards, The Post, Ready Player One and You Were Never Really There were solid.

Still not watched my Mother screener. It seems like it’ll be hard work. See also Sacred Dear.


Legion, Westworld, Happy! The Alienist, Counterpart and Billions are all doing it for me.

as well as old friends, The Blacklist (which needs a shot int he arm), Homeland (which has some aggressively anti-Trump fire in its belly) and Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Superhero TV has not been great of late, Legion excepted obvs, but Marvel’s Runaways was really nicely executed, nippy and oblique without being tiresome.


Superorganism, Hookworms and Janelle Monae have been my favourites this year.

Oh and that new Bowie live album that came out for Record Store Day.

And my lovely vinyl copy of Lorde’s Melodrama. I love Lorde.


A little update on my screenwriting adventure.

I won a thing! Logline Of The Month with

And I got some nice prizes too.


I have two totally finished screenplays.

MOBSTERS v MONSTERS: a colourful tale of two families

An OCD businessman steers his crumbling LA mafia family away from violence with a real estate deal but his clumsy mobsters mistakenly put the squeeze on a reclusive clan of shapeshifting monsters.



A feisty government clerk searches for the people who murdered her friend at a Brexit protest, putting herself in the crosshairs of an incompetent police unit trying to pin the crime on a debonair whistleblower.

The whistleblower in this case is  the strangely real Open Window Network.


They were entered into 5 of the major Screenplay writing competitions in March this year. So fingers are crossed.

That’s Not What Happened has already been shortlisted twice in previous incarnations by The Tracking Board and the BBC Writers Room.  It’s better and shorter now and I am very pleased with it.

MOBSTERS v MONSTERS has sketched out ideas for 5 more films and shorts set in that universe.


I am having a short film I wrote shot this summer so that is exciting too.


I have about 4 more drafts on the go

but right now I am trying to write something brand new, fast short and cheap to shoot;

a contained thriller called

Do You Ever hear Voices, Bob?



something new

I am pleased to report that I am working on a new musical project.

It’s in its early stages

But it’s got me hella excited and looks to be the most commerical thing I’ve ever worked on.

The tunes, the ideas, the presentation, the packaging, the whole damn thing is perfect.

So, that’s a good thing.

TIGER LION beyond the mountains

TIGER LION has released a new EP, beyond the mountains.

It’s also in the form of a book.

If you like Bat For Lashes, St Vincent, Neil Young and things a little different, then you’re in for a tweet.

There’s something psychedelic here, a dance, a ceremony, a dream…


“crushing guitars like an ocean swell” Noisey

“hypnotic” The 405

“takes the listener somewhere organic and pure”

“a magical musical adventure” TLOBF

You can listen to it on your favourite platform HERE

Here’s a lovely video for Prayers Against The Sun, shot by Clementine in The Gambia at Xmas

Prayers video still

You can buy the book on her Bandcamp page.