About Us

Our Founder

George S. Doolittle is a construction management expert with years of experience. He is a structural engineer and a Certified Professional Constructor (CPC) who formerly worked as a carpenter. George is a great leader and knows all there is to know about the construction industry. Armed with a portfolio of many successful jobs, he set out to start his company.

Our Team

Alongside our founder, we have an incredible team of phenomenal workers and professionals. They include architects and designers, carpenters, structural and electrical engineers, plumbers, site managers, etc. Everyone has their role, which they play beautifully. They are dedicated people, and without each one, this company won’t be as functional as it is.


We aim to provide people with offices and homes of high standards as a company. We understand the importance of excellent quality, and we esteem it. Therefore, we seek to provide our clients with buildings of which they can be proud. We want them to have properties that require little maintenance and wouldn’t quickly fall apart. Also, we ensure that we leave our customers with high-value projects.


Our vision is to be a household name in the construction industry. We desire to not only be known but to be known for the exceptional standards of our work and reliability. Hence, we don’t aim to acquire popularity singularly for our gain but to have the opportunity to provide more people with quality buildings.

Why You Should Hire Us

We know that numerous individuals and companies are offering similar services. However, hiring us would be the best decision to make. What differentiates us is not only the wide range of services we provide but the exceptional quality we offer. As our client, that assures you that your project is literally in good hands.

Contact Us

Your dream office or home is only a call away. Contact us today for a consultation or book our services, and your property will thank you for it.

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