The Rest



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From Ontario, Canada, they call themselves THE REST and walk a Bunnymen/Arcadefire sort of line and are indeed aiming very much for the Big Music.  Subtle, confident, and beautifully arranged, these songs lilt and surge, taking unexpected twists and turns, always building, building, building.  And, as a seven piece with a huge array of instruments on stage, they stir up such a blistering sandstorm in that pursuit, that it is impossible not to be caught up and join in.

They are one of those bands that convert audiences wholesale and leave all jaws dropped. Fact.
They finance the band through the noble art of making and selling their own BEER at their own self promoted shows at home (with Deerhoof, The Twilight Sad, Junior Boys, Final Fantasy, The Besnard Lakes etc) and they raised enough cash to make their album,   Everyone All At Once, which is coming out on SIC on Oct 12th.  It is initially available digitally and via the Rough Trade shops.


Everything All At Once (LP)SICNOTE 058Buy it Here


Blogotheque Session:

 The Lady Vanishes Video

Over the Hill Video

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