The Concretes






“What happened to The Concretes?”, people asked. Not a single new song in three years from a band that had been as reliable as a Swiss watch, releasing a new album every year.

Time passed and even the band started to wonder, “Whatever did happen to The Concretes?”   Well, of course, there was a lots going on.  Life, cycling, egg poaching, gardening, travel, children.  And other side projects.  One member even joined the circus.

And songs began to appear.

One crystal, Christmas day last year, when everyone was in Stockholm for a drink, they wondered aloud, “Is it time to begin again?  Afresh?  Refreshed?  Can we make an album?” and, after several more, all eight Concretes stood up, raised their glasses and in one voice declared: “YES WE CAN”.

But what songs would they make? DISCO, someone said. YES, YES.  They all agreed.   A DISCO ALBUM.   And that is what they did.  Well, maybe not disco In the old euphoric seventies way, but in a Concretes-way. It’s disco in the crack between a smile and a tear. Disco dreaming of being elsewhere.

With less guitar, more keyboards, more bass, deep languorous vinyl grooves, twitching percussion and some good old cowbell – but still with those trademark melodies – the band is finally back with a new album, a new label, a new focus, a new lease of life, anew.  Renewed.

The album is called WYWH. There are remixes from Blackbird Blackbird,  Niva and more; a video from Jamie Harley, live dates this winter.

In the meantime get yourself Good Evening from as a gratis little taster of an amazing album.






Buy it Here


  All Day (Single)




Buy it Here



All Day Video, Directed by Thomas Klementsson

WYWH teaser video by Ruben Bruman and Lisa Milberg

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