Air France




They say:   “Originating from two cities north of Stockholm, Air France met up at high school. Reading situationist pamphlets and listening to pop music, they began printing a socialist school paper that, unread by their peers, were distributed at the underground clubs of Stockholm until the principal thwarted their scheme and changed the locks to the copying room. After graduating they fell in love with a pair of twins, packed their bags for Gothenburg and initiated the New Exotica movement, wildly unpopular amongst the jet set but hailed as revolutionary by dock workers and students alike.”

I am lazier so I say:

“Imagine the Avalanches, Axelrod  and angels tackling Screamadelica.   Sort of like a dream? No, better”   Two young sailors from Gothenberg.   The vodka kicking in.   The sun setting.

Or maybe the memory of a summer that never actually was…

Recently remixed Taken By Trees and Au Revoir Simone, recent shows with Those Dancin Days, Leisure Society.


  No Way Down (LP)SICNOTE 041Get it Here


No Excuses – Directed by Marcus Soderland

Windmill Wedding

Collapsing At Your Doorstep


“welcome to paradise”  8.6 Pitchfork

“Brilliant”  Rob Dabank Radio 1

“these tracks are pretty perfect” FACT magazine

“just aching to fill the dancefloor” CokeMachineGlow

“magnificent” TheLineOfBestFit

“the whole record demands repeat listens” Gorilla vs Bear

“Everyone’s going gaga over Air France”  The Sky Report

“love it” Huw Stephens Radio 1

“brilliant” Nemone 6 Music

“great” John Kennedy Xfm

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