A Lull






A Lull, a band from Chicago, has been working for three years to define its sound. With the release of Ice Cream Bones, an EP, in May of 2009, A Lull was working through an indie-folk-rock beginning on its way to its current state, a stronger, fuller blend of drums and everything else. After countless additional hours in practice spaces, basements and bedrooms, A Lull kept at it, and after over seventy-five songs and partial song ideas recorded, a full-length record, Confetti, began to take shape.

Recording the music themselves, A Lull was not confined to traditional studio techniques or time constraints. The band employs anything available to create beats, melodies, textures and layers of sound that come together to form a sonic landscape of which has never been heard before. The music is experimental in the ways that it takes form, but, at the same time, is accessible and captivating.

While writing and recording Confetti, A Lull has played extensively in its hometown of Chicago as well as around the Midwest and the rest of the country with a heavy focus on the East Coast as well as an appearance  Austin at SXSW 2010.

Confetti, A Lull’s debut LP, will be released April 12, on Mush Records in North America and Something In Construction Records in Europe.


Weapons for War video by Anthony Ciannamea

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