late entries on my album of the year list

and they are late because of me being late


s/t debut album. as recommended by Ghum.

Not at all what I thought it was.

Fast and female. Punky but sweet. Angry but welcoming.

Fierce heavy but light on its feet

Hard and fun.

Homeboy Sandman + Edan    Humble Pi

I despair of hip hop. Most of the time.

Too dumb, too nasty. Too damned unpleasant.

But a throw back to the alternative future of rap circa 2003

This is fun, weird, hard, mad, and full of ideas.

With not a bitch in sight.

and yeah, Never Use The Internet Again



I watched the 1st Ep and wasn’t sold.

A friend urged me to go on. I did. he was right.

It’s unflashy in some ways. Grounded. Pure character work.

And a properly tightening ratchet of a script.

That’s all you need though, eh….

And a hard look at the more brutal ends of London.


This screenplay has been shortlisted in the BBC Writer’s Room, Austin Film festival, Launchpad and Bluecat.



A tense, techy conspiracy thriller feature

(Shortlisted by BBC Writers Room, Tracking Board and Austin Film Festival)

Think of a fast State Of Play studded with gritty In Bruges dialogue.

A feisty British Civil Servant searches for the people who murdered her friend at a Brexit protest, putting herself in the crosshairs of an incompetent undercover police unit intent on pinning the crime on a slippery American whistleblower.

A no-nonsense London girl gets stuck with a broken American PR man

Targeted by the government’s own fake news

They must uncover a billion dollar crime

Before the Police catch up

BELLA RAVEN (31) is a sassy, sarcastic, no-nonsense Londoner. Party girl by night and by day, a very effective civil servant. She’s settled, great at her job and bored out of her mind. Her father, an NHS campaigner, has died suddenly and she’s wondering what she’s doing with her life.

Much to her surprise, she goes on a Brexit protest about selling off the NHS. A newfound sense of purpose is cut short when she witnesses a man throw a Molotov cocktail at Police, causing a stampede that costs the life of a colleague (and ex) of hers. The headlines show a different man start the trouble, labelling him a member of populist whistle blowers, the Open Window Network.

After Bella’s efforts to tell the Police what really happened are rebuffed again and again, she suspects she’s being followed. She comes to realise that her colleague was murdered and, to her horror and bafflement, that she was also being targeted, after seeing News footage of herself, doctored to wear an Open Window shirt.

Unsure where to turn, she goes to see Michael Solo, Open Window’s smooth talking American spokesman, but they do not get on. At all. Later that night as her paranoia increases, Michael’s girlfriend is murdered and he is framed for it. Pushed together with Solo and annoyed that he is next to useless when things get real, Bella must turn the tables and draw out their unseen enemy, uncover a billion pound government Brexit swindle and stay one step ahead of the murky undercover police unit that is manipulating the media to run them to ground.

London Screenwriters Festival

In case you are looking me up….

I am going to this for the first time.

I hear it’s really helpful and inspiring.

I like help and inspiration so that is perfect.

I went to one of their events before. A talk with Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, which was great.

That’s it.

There are only so many times you can ask your partner or friends to read your latest masterpiece so I’d really like to find a vaguely like-minded soul, with the idea of reading each other’s rewrites once a month and giving feedback.


My albums of the year so far, since you ask*

Superorganism     s/t

Hookworms,         Microshift

Young Fathers      Cocoa Sugar

Sophie                 Oil Of Every Pearl’s Inside

Confidence Man  Confident Music For Confident People

Janelle Monae     Dirty Computer

Lykke Li                So Sad So sexy

PreOccupations   New Material

Gaz Coombes      World’s Strongest Man

Kamasi Waghington Heaven & Earth

Gruff Rhys           Babelsberg

77-78                     Jellies

Hatchie                  Sugar & Spice

SMD                      Murmurations


All very excellent if a little on the light side. No bad thing, of course, but I’d quite like something a little heavier to slap me about a bit. Shoult to Pre-occupations in this area.

*yeah yeah yeah