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Well, boy! Sorry, but it’s a catastrophe for me. Mainly the acting, HB aside. And the story. And the dialogue. And the CG. Wow, guess the studio agrees. Probably any two of those nailing it, could make a virtue of the others. ADR/Dubbing’s suboptimal too. I couldn’t finish watching.

POSTER It is a Hellboy poster.


Brilliant tense AF contained thriller. Gritty, tough and surprisingly restrained. Bunch of American militia guys in a warehouse. Twisty like a hurricane. Extra smart plot. Exemplary work from Henry Durham.

POSTER. Cool. Tad generic but effective.


The new one. Hmmmmm. Could have been worse. Should have been better. The tone of this movie was all over the place.

POSTER: sigh.


Stand By Me vibes. Kids run off and hide in the woods lit by perfect summer filter. Firmly in the drama box but it was very very funny.

POSTER: Hmmm. Well it’s cool but it would not make me want to see this movie. This movie could have been bigger if it had suggested it was funny.


Saw it at the time. Thought meh. Second view made me truly appreciate what Fincher/ Sorkin pulled off here. Plot = Zuck kinda ripped some guys off + is an asshole. ALL talking-in-rooms but, it’s v compelling. Fincher uses disorientation as a hook.

POSTER: The Michael Clayton route. Works well.


Dang, this is a funny film, full of all kinds of brilliantly drawn characters. Really tho, funny as fuck. And touching. And clever. And weird. My whole family laughed its collective ass off. The best movie of 2019.

POSTER: It’s OK. As far as it goes. Undersells the concept.



A while since I saw a dePalma movie. Lumbered with a mismatched cast, this was a wiggly but thin (and typically offensive) 90 minute cop thriller, that went to weird places and back again. Not unenjoyable but hard to remember even the next day.

POSTER: Too ugly to include.


Gripping, human, terrifying. Superb, gongworthy acting from the whole cast: accents reeking of 1970s British Trade Union grimness. Bleak’n’unique look. Perfect. And I think I might have spotted a giant metaphor about the USSR lurking in the background. I know it’s not a movie.

POSTER: Perfect. Literally.


My 5th time. 1st on Blu. It looks extra magnificent. Esp Act 3. A modern classic. Deep, weird + endlessly fascinating. A beautiful corruption of form indeed Apocalypse Now fused with 2001. YOU should definitely watch it, y’know. It’s very *you*.

POSTER: the original one is very good but falls just a little short for me. This one by Zi Xu takes a less mysterious approach but oh my, 10/10 for impact, eh?


Hmmmm Get Out knocked me off my perch. But this really doesn’t have any more ideas than are in the (excellent) trailer. I felt cheated out of a Big Reveal. Bar some token jiggery-fuckery in the last 5 mins, this slasher has many many nice touches but a great big hole in the middle.

POSTER: the official ones we all quite cool


A great idea but its knotty men-on-a-mission but-not-the-protagonist plot felt unnecessarily impenetrable at times. Kinda post-alien-invasion Third Man / Collaborateur noir vibes with a rubbish-piled-up Children Of Men feel. Good ending. bad start.

POSTER: Truly beautiful. Top marks.



Into it. A great many kicks in the balls. Probably a tad overlong and very much  more of the same but a pig lot of fun. Please don’t try to copy these movies, you will get them wrong.

POSTER: it really needed to spell out a 3 with the shadows, right?