*Spoiler free for now*

It is very a good film. Laughter, tears and punching in healthy and appropriate doses. No sell out.

No cop out.

Three hours whizzzzed by. Gold stars all round.

The Escapist 2008 Rupert Wyatt turns in a puzzle box here with a Nolan-esque time fracture that is *very* deftly handled. Brian Cox’s story is beautiful + keeps something back right until the last minute A brilliant ensemble cast has got more starry over time.

COP CAR #lastnightsmovie

I have owned this for well over a year. Silly me for not watching. A masterclass in contained thriller writing. This is what I am supposed ot be writing. I get that. Not that’s shot in one place. It’s all outdoors. In the midwest sunshine.

Two 10yo’s steal a cop car. The cop is absolutely the last cop you should even talk to, let alone steal from. He tries to get it back. That’s about it. There’s pretty much just the three of them in it. With one character joining later. It is crazy tense and fantastically directed. The story unfolds in pretty much real time.

The director went on to do Spiderman Homecoming after this.

SHAZAM! It was fun. A tad (20mins) flabby. A smidgeon over-cutesy. Should probably have spent more time with the two leads than it did and it could have punched a lot harder with the jeopardy/peril. Supervillians have to measure up to Thanos now.

BEAST. I know. Late to the party. I bought this a bit back but thought it might be a bit BFI gruelling. Silly me. Gorgeously shot and a palapably damp atmos, per True Detective + a fizzing, twisty story with two amazing, layered leads. FANFUCKINGTASTIC.

#lastnightsmovie GLASS:

Enjoyed it. Quite weirdly paced (per the others) but tense AF and I did not see that ending coming.


#lastnightsmovie  TIMECRIMES: Spanish lo-fi timetravel thang. A strong idea but it went for a puzzle plot – my fave – and tied itself up in knots. Still with me tho.

#lastnightsmovie OVERLORD

It is fucking great fun if you don’t think too hard about it. JJ must love The Keep. And what a poster.