A new thing I did.

Spent last week at a thing called Talent Campus. A spin-off from the London Screenwriters Festival, which I attended last year.

An advanced screenwriting and commercial (and, dare I say, personal) development thing based at Ealing Studios.

It was pretty intense stuff and it turns out pitching is sooo much easier when you are handling tarantulas. Certainly keeps the pitch short and to the point.

We me with some very inspiring, supportive and occasionally brutally honest people from the movie world. And I really learned a lot about a great many things.

I wasn’t expecting the fear-conquering tasks like walking on broken glass or hot coals but who would? It’s definitely not a cult though. Oh no.

The whole thing was a feisty, unexpected and totally immersive 5 days.  Followed now by a month refining my material with a one-on-one mentor who’s worked on Script development with the Coens and some guy named Steven Spielberg, so that’s pretty damned incredible.

And topped off in four weeks with a pitching party with the UK movie industry.

But I most enjoyed meeting this guy. He is surprisingly heavy and now I want one.