Bored of the left, scared of the right.

Policies for the COMMON SENSE PARTY.

End austerity.

Invest in the future.


re-Nationalise whenever possible.

Rail. Energy. Utilities.

No renewal of any contracts.


Massive co-op housing build.

With restricted resale. First time buyers only. Index linked resale prices.


End the nonsense OBR/ONS estimates of Unemployment and Inflation


Armour plate NHS. Ring-fenced, index-linked budget. Do not renew private/PFI contracts.


Huge increase in punishment for financial crime. Fines and Prison.


Close ALL tax loopholes. Flat rates enforced without exception. Personal and Corporate.

Tax private schools, religious institutions + grey area charities


Slash govt subsidies for Big Business.


Increase Government loans to Invest in small business.


Invest in Schools and Research.

Invest and support Generation of IPs.


Reverse Article 50 immediately.

Re-establish a leadership role within the EU .

Mandatory voting in Commons and Lords.

End Whips.


Call Out every specific Trump lie if he’s still going.

Ram Leveson 2 through.

Armour plate / replace IPSO/PCC

Equal sized front page apologies for front page lies + massive increase in fines.

End printing upskirt celeb nip slip yacht shots. Grow the fuck up.


End Universal Credit roll out immediately

Look hard at Universal Income.


Make everyone vote.


Make Facebook spend as much of its endless profit as is required
to police itself effectively
pay someone to do so.

Enforce slander rules on Social Media. Proceeds to be invested in NHS


Stop UK businesses registering abroad.

Tax the hell out of Amazon.


Tax the hell out of Starbucks.


Deport Steve Bannon and shut down his cabal of supporters

Criminalise any organisations with Nazi imagery/ideas.


Cancel Trident which I absolutely bet fucks up anyway and,
despite what the actual Defence Minister has to say, there’s no way we will strike 1st – alone – so what’s the point.


Borrow whatever the shortfall requires.

It’s not like we won’t have to do it anyway after Brexit tanks the UK economy,
leaves financial scarring across Europe
leaving everyone in hock to the Russians, Chinese and whoever else is left holding.