My first attempt at writing a screenplay is called Small On The Map.

It’s a tense, darkly funny political thriller set in London.

A better mind than mine has summarised it thus

When a peaceful protest turns deadly, a young British woman finds herself caught in the crosshairs as a witness to murder. Unsure of the truth, she is forced to reach out to a team of white hat hackers who are being framed for the terrorist act.

I submitted it to a competition sponsored by (Ridley) Scott Free, Energy Entertainment and a brilliant Hollywood screenwriting website called The Tracking Board and it got shortlisted.

I have been meeting with producers and sundry Hollywood types and it seems to be being taken seriously.


I am writing a sci fi action film now.


A story of immigration and quantum entanglement

A supply ship is crippled and catapulted across space and crashes into a scientific habitat on a distant planet.  The visitors and the damage their arrival causes, ramps up existing tensions, leading to fighting over an incredibly dangerous but utterly fantastic new invention.