On Snowden, surveillance and Donald Trump

I watched Snowden last night.

Unsurprisingly sympathetic portrayal by Oliver Stone.  Amazing cast, thought-provoking film.

Here is that actual thought.

This mass surveillance happened under Obama.  There were murmurings of repealing/curtailing the constant and total surveillance of EVERYONE, facilitated by Prism at GCHQ, among other places.  But it didn’t really happen.

Obama seemed to reassure people that it was being used judiciously.  The man seems reasonable.

Not sure if that covers putting latent cyberbombs in Japan’s power-grid infrastructure (just in case, y’know) but whatever.

Toward the end Snowden posited that one of the reasons he felt compelled to go public was because there might come a time when the US has a new leader, or leadership, that thinks very differently.

One that might want to flip the switch and start combing America for people they just didn’t like the look of.   For whatever reason they chose.


That is happening now.

A week or two ago Newt Gingrich suggested reconvening The House of UnAmerican Activities.

Out loud.  In Public.    He’s not some lone wolf nutbag on the fringes of politics.  He’ll probably end up with a Cabinet or Presidential Advisor position under Trump.

Cos we all look back fondly on. McCarthyism.   Thing is, a lot of older white Americans do.

HUAC 2.0 would be to look for ISIS obviously.

ISIS being responsible for so many American deaths lately.

Fun fact, Toddlers with guns killed way more Americans last year than ISIS.

As did alligators.

And peanuts.

And, by a factor of 10, falling out of bed.

I don’t have a solution obviously.  I just find the whole idea very scary.  And let’s not forget that GCHQ aspect.  That keeps the Special in Special Relationship.