The death of truth. A turning point.

Today I have been thinking about truth: it ain’t what it used to be.

I have been half-watching the Republican Conference clusterfuck.
Mrs Trump-o-tron ripped off her speech from Michelle Obama.

VP-to-be Pence is the sort of deceitful BlakeCarringtonesque Republican demon you’d think was too cliched if he was in a movie.

The racists are out in force and brazenly, proudly making their cases for white supremacy and, through the magic of Fox, are given a soft ride, to put it politely.

Mr Pence is, of course, against abortion. Even in the case of rape. indeed: “We’d then have an epidemic of women claiming to have been raped just so they could have an abortion. And that has to be stopped at all cost.” He makes it sound fun! Do you think for one second he’d stick to that if it were his daughter?

Pence has made it legal to refuse to serve gays in Indiana. And he doesn’t have the cojones to admit it on TV.(…/pence-refuses-to-answer-yes-o…/)

That 60 Minutes interview at the weekend with Trump and Pence was one long comedy sketch. Except not. The highlights (…) redefine everything for me.

it’s the new way of doing things.

But here’s the problem. Americans have had their education standards eroded, and their prejudices endorsed on TV way longer than we have. We’ve seen in the few weeks since the Brexit vote what happens when racists are not slapped down on TV.
America has had this since Jimmy Carter really, so they’re a full generation deeper into the stupid.

And now the US is firmly embedded in a post-truth or post-facts world.

It’s a much bandied about phrase but it’s frightening.


It means that, for some, you can get way with anything, cover it with a pissy half denial on a soft interview (usually on Fox) and that’s it.

Let’s not forget, VP Dick Cheney shot a man in the face.

A man wearing a luminous orange jacket.

In the face. At pretty close range.

Hardly anyone batted an eyelid.

Ah but, you might say: it was an accident.

So then he’d have said sorry, right?
(he hasn’t…/269143-dick-cheney-has-yet-to-apologiz…).
He’s laughing at you.

In your face.

So that’s cartoon Americana.

But it’s coming here. I can feel it. That madwoman May has put in charge of schools is super blase about the cuts to schools. It just has to be, it seems.

The twisted, vengeful gimp, Gove, who has instigated/accelerated this rundown of education, said during HIS Brexit campaign that British people are “bored of experts” with their panic and their worries
would, presumably, prefer self-serving LIES from a confident chimp in a suit to FACTS.


The vote on Trident didn’t surprise me but it’s a shame that the youth have not got the message yet that the madmen with ever-more-advanced weaponry, the generals straining-at-the-leash that we are supposed to be worried about. The ones looking covetously at weaker countries and jumping in there starting wars…that’s us and America.

I thought we’d figured that out a generation ago.

We have loads of nuclear subs. Plenty. We don’t need more. it’s a lie. We are never going to use them anyway. This cold war deterrent parity bullshit is the same nonsense logic that gave rise to all the betting on the stock-market rather than investing in firms’ shares.

If you have to use it, then it wasn’t a deterrent, was it?

(Side effect: everyone in the world dies)

We need more education, more jobs, better hospitals.

British men and women are dying. Not abroad on a battlefield in a blaze of “glory” but here in forgotten towns and shameful poverty.

We need to vote for politicians who will give us
better education,
better infrastructure,
trains that run and don’t cost a small fortune;
more hospitals
more funding of the arts and scientific research.

This will create jobs. And bring stability. Maybe even growth!

Most of the UK’s money comes from Financial Services and Arms sales. and you know that money doesn’t trickle down anywhere but the toilet floors of criminally expensive restaurants.

We don’t need to give £200bn to Lockheed Martin to defend against imaginary 1980s Communist Russia.

We can’t afford it.

It’s needed elsewhere badly.

I think Jimmy Carter is right when he says the world is at a turning point.…/jimmy-carter-world-turning-point-m…

When Trump wins in November, what do you think is going to happen?

The world is already divided into the haves and havenots. It just so happens that many of the the have-nots are Islamic countries.
And we are bombing them. A lot. and have been, off and on, for all of these angry young men’s lives.
It’s not really anything to do with religion. It’s just young men growing up seeing the shiny cities and fast cars of America and Europe on TV, and their own bombed, shattered cities of the middle east.

It’s bound to make them angry.

Like Tony Benn said, it’s the Blitz spirit. The bombs stregthen your resolve. It’s not a British idea. They have it everywhere, so there will be more nutters in trucks, nutters with rifles, weak-willed fools with suicide vests and crazy people with household tools on trains. More and more and more. And they won’t be defeated with walls or bombs of any kind.

The governments will say that the people demand a response.

Some twat drives a lorry through a crowd in Nice and the French government launches air strikes against the people of Raqqa.

That’s not strength.

It’s weakness. and stupidity. Hollande hasn’t the balls to stand up to the media. Nor have any of our recent Prime Ministers.

Now think back to Trump and the ever growing mob of thrashing, foaming, hate-filled nutbags trailing in his wake.

They want to bomb the shit out of….whoever. Anyone really – to make them feel better, bigger.

Great again.