What to do?
You’re no more a racist than you are an economist.
It’s confusing.
But a choice between standing with the racists or the economists is easy.
If you’re standing with Farage, it must feel wrong. Deep down in your gut.
NF with a golf club tie is so very much not the best of Britain.
I love Britain.
On a clear day, you can see forever.
Today is not that day. At all.
And I agree with Boris. Believe in Britain.
Be strong.
But be stronger in Europe.
Lead Europe, don’t leave it.
Take our country back? Fuck that. I want to take it forward. ‪
Think there is much wrong with the EU?.
Good. You’re right.
Then fight to change it to make it better for us.
Don’t give up and run away back to 1950s Britain with your fingers in your ears.
That Britain was a big baby that was scared of things it didn’t know.
It was ignorant.
It tolerated abuse.
It had funny uncles, sheepish wives with bruises. and families that moved away.
It was ACTUALLY SCARED of gays. Wooooooo. Coming to get you.
Britain didn’t like curry. So spicy.
Or pasta.
Or mayonnaise.
Sweet AND sour. That’s mad, that
RAW FISH. Oh my, that was a big one.
Do you see the pattern?
Of course yo do.
Even now, Britain definitely doesn’t like working on farms, picking strawberries, cleaning toilets, working nights, running shops until midnight.
We have all been happy to let immigrants do this for years.
Uncomfortable to think about it, though it may be.
Does a Polski Sklep really cause YOU that much of a problem?
Our economy IS in the toilet. the bastard Osborne has just borrowed and borrowed. Doubled our debt.
Doubled. Why?
Because the collapse of 2008 is still with us.
That’s why you can’t get a GP appointment,
It’s not because there are 0.005% more people in your town.
Do the maths.
It is not because of Polish people.
Immigrants hold the NHS together because we aren’t training enough nurses.
Cos now they have to pay to train and the salaries are a JOKE.
Would you start your job if they saddled you with a £20,000 debt on joining?
Of course you wouldn’t.
Austerity is why the NHS is collapsing.
Austerity is why the schools are falling apart.
And yes,
Austerity is why there are potholes.
The EU is why Manchester was rebuilt.
The EU is why you have paid holiday.
The EU is why we still have a farming industry.
It might not be right in front of your face but the benefits of the EU are everywhere in all of our lives.
We didn’t join for a laugh.
Give me a break.
Turkey was bribed by the EU to take 1.5 Million Syrian refugees, so WE don’t have to.
Membership was dangled. It was a lie.
Did you see the Turkish foreign minister on TV last night?
He was about to cry. He knows he’s been had.
He didn’t think Cameron would lie to him.
What we did to Turkey was pretty fucking low. Disgusting.
But please, see it for what it is.
There is ZERO CHANCE of Turkey joining the EU.
Don’t rage at Polski Skleps.
Rage at endless betting shops, BrightHouses, Cash Converters. pawn shops. Shuttered shops. Lost jobs.
Rage hard. get off your arse and do something about it.
And start tomorrow by voting IN.