PIANO WIRE. Summertime rolls.

Broken Hands


That feeling.   The one that makes the difference in the day ahead.   The feeling that things are going to be fine. Better than fine.  There’s nothing like it.  If you could bottle it, you’d be rich.

Well, I am getting that feeling a lot lately.  And it’s down to music – as it so often is.

PIANO WIRE have started work on their debut album.   It’s exciting.  It’s all new.   It’s sounding noisy as hell.   All hard-as-nails riffs and dark explosive choruses.   What they have recorded so far is…intense.

The band has come so far in a year.

They released the best of the demos they’d recorded to date as The Genius Of The Crowd EP last summer.  It was fast and furious and rough around the edges but got them a lot of press and a LOT more national radio play than you’d expect from demos.   Down to the tunes, I expect.  Their songs are weirdly structured but always, always packed with hooks and surprises.

The album is shaping up to be everything they said it would be a year ago.  They have absolutely delivered on their promises.  So proud.  It’s going to surprise and amaze YOU..

They will be playing some of the new songs at Camden Rocks on Saturday at the Barfly.   If you are going, do yourself a massive favour and come along.

PIANO WIRE will have some announcements to make on Monday.