Why PIANO WIRE are becoming an important band…

I spent some time on the road last week with PIANO WIRE.   They are fun and inspiring to hang out with, as ever and, at my age, going on the road a little is quite enough excitement by itself.    They’ve always been a great live band.  That’s what caught my eye about them in the first place.  Obviously.  There’s an amazing history behind Andy and Sym with 80s Matchbox and now Sean and Tim have taken that spirit and channelled it into something bold and completely new.

But something has happened.   They’ve worked really hard in the last year and have been writing lots and lots and discarding lots of lots and getting better and better.   Dragging themselves up by their own bootstraps.   The live set has changed at a furious pace.

But something has happened.  They don’t just play the songs now.  They are locked in battle with them and the energy is furious and ragged and the result is burned right through your eyes and ears and nailed to the inside of your skull.    It’s loud.  And that’s an essential part of it but that’s not what makes it deafening.   It’s a beautiful noise, a righteous fury that channels your attention and shuts out all other sensory input.   It’s physical and it’s exciting and the songs pile up, one after another, hook after hook, Andy and Sean firing guitar and vocal melodies at each other.   PIANO WIRE command your whole attention and leaves you breathless and spent at the end of the show.

That’s the goal, right?

Here’s a live track shot on iPhone in Scotland last week.  It’s called Get A Life Dishonour and it’s badass.

Don’t take my word for it, though.  The legendary Steve Gullick (who shot the I’ll Kill You video) and Stevie Chick from Loose Lips wrote this brilliant brilliant piece on the band after witnessing them take strips of London’s Lexington a month or so back.


photo by Steve Gullick

Last friday’s SOLD OUT show at The Social featured DJ sets from Faris and myself.

Here’s a Spoti-link to my set, or something like it. Seems a lot of my selections are not on Spotify

  1. HOWL                                                  Holy Strays
  2. FRANKFURT ADVICE                      Weatherall
  3. LOVE IS THE DRUG (TERJE)        Roxy Music
  4. LAZARETTO Jack White
  5. MANIPULATOR                              Ty Segall
  6. FREAKIN OUT                                  Death
  7. WEST COAST                                    Fidlar
  8. COOL                                                   White Reaper
  9. SONG #1                                              Fugazi
  10. PRO ANTI ANTI                              Liars
  11. CHROME RADIO ROCKS               The Toes
  12. THE QUARRY                                   Urbe Blanca
  13. STAGE OR SCREEN                         UMO
  14. SHAKE                                                Cowboy Rhythmbox
  15. STONE FIST                                       Health
  16. LIST OF DEMANDS                         Saul Williams
  17. BLACK SILK STOCKING                                Chrisma
  19. SELECTIVE WALKING                   Weatherall
  20. POLICE ON MY BACK                    Clash
  21. FUNN                                                 White Reaper
  22. BRAND NEW CADILLAC                Vince Taylor
  23. YOU’RE GONNA MISS ME           13th Floor Elev
  24. LEVITATE ME                                     Pixies
  25. COULD YOU BE THE ONE?           Husker Du
  26. CAB IT UP                                           The Fall
  27. SWEAT LOAF                                     Butthole Surfers
  29. IT’S OVER                                          Ty Segall
  30. INTO THE CAVE                               Lonelady
  31. WATER WATER                              Empress Of
  32. GBG BELONGS TO ME                  Air France
  33. I CAN NEVER BE MYSELF            Chromatics
  34. I LOVE A MAN IN UNIFORM      Gang of Four
  35. HARD TIMES                                     Human League
  36. OCTOBER LOVE SONG                  Chris & Cosey
  37. STRAIGHTEN ME UP                     Shaun Ryder
  38. MUSCLES & JUNGLE                     Urbe Blanca
  39. PUBLIC IMAGE                                PiL
  40. I WANT CANDY                               Bow Wow Wow
  41. HARMONY IN MY HEAD              Buzzcocks
  42. HEADACHE                                        Metz