a rant from the heart

So the last time we felt “something needs to be done” in Syria, we were going to bomb Assad. You all recall, yes?

This need to be seen to be doing something. Cameron bravely but reluctantly ordering a carpet bombing. Will you feel better after?

We ALL know what the effect of bombing are. Once that brief spurt of Imperial Justice/Pride subsides, it must be faced.

If you want to see the actual effects of “targeted and focussed bombing”, you need only google, say, Syria.

ISIS does not have a head quarters like Amazon does. It’s not going to be taken out just like that.

frankly, even if it did, I’m sure that, given the generous notice period we’ve served, they’ll probably go and stay at their mum’s for a bit

So, given that they will certainly have scattered, is there ANY point to bombing Syria at all?

Annnd, if we do have actual SAS guys on the ground calling it in, which I suspect we don’t, shouldn’t they just take out “ISIS leadership”

IF IS actually has a significant structure + numbers, bombing Syria next thursday will not reduce them and will draw more moths to the flame

And, I’d fucking LOVE to see the MPs voting for “war”, suiting up and popping over to Syria to help directly if they feel that strongly…


“The War On Terror is a slogan, a metaphor. It’s like saying The War on Dandruff” Gore Vidal


and those refugees, why don’t they just fuck off home, eh? Oh, right? Yep, yep, the bombs and whatnot. #tricky

The next British terror attacks, and there WILL be some, will committed by Brits pissed off at having their family’s hometown bombed to fuck

So, unless you are shipping out yourself, then come to your senses, exercise your rights + write to your MP now http://writetomp.peoplesmomentum.com/


Annnd, Cameron has no military strategy at all

His plan to bomb ISIS is based on “fantasy” http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/david-camerons-plan-bomb-isis-6907507#ICID=sharebar_twitter