amazing piece on ENJOYED in The Guardian

Hometown: Soldridge, East Hampshire.

The lineup: Peter Evans-Pritchard (music, production).

The background: We were going to proclaim Enjoyed’s debut album, Keep to Chloe, the perfect summer soundtrack – and then the rains came. It still works, though. Peter Evans-Pritchard – who is Enjoyed – pays such attention to detail, his sonic palette so wide-ranging as he paints scene after ultra vivid scene, that, in the end, you’ll be glad for an excuse to stay in and listen through headphones: if ever an album was designed to test the limits of your woofers and tweeters, it was this exuberant, kaleidoscopic piece of techno-pop.

Evans-Pritchard, a 25-year-old who has honed his skills remixing TV on the Radio, Hot Chip, Shaun Ryder and Tunng, calls what he does “joystep” – and it is pretty upbeat. In a way, he’s like a UK Caribou, with a similar sense of wonderment to Dan Snaith. He emerged as Enjoyed – named after a Chemical Brothers B-side – a couple of years back with the single Teeth and immediately declared himself “a synesthete”: he sees colours in music and makes records based on his responses to this process. His early EPs suggested a lonely, dreamy laptop boy – a British chillwaver, “washed out” on the shores of aast Hampshire – whereas his newer music moves towards a more celebratory and expansive sound. It’s got one foot in Balearica and another in the bedroom. He says he draws from Animal Collective, Tahiti 80 and K-pop, among other things; listeners have discerned in the mix French pop, Italo-disco and Detroit techno.

Enjoyed press shot lots of colour Med res

The results are warm but pristine, with acoustic instruments (live drums, bass, clarinet and charm harp) vying for space with the usual digitalia. Enjoyed’s own singing is suitably smooth and engaging, almost a dreamy croon, while the Aluna-ish female vocals are provided by Laura Bettinson, alias Femme (former member of Nigel Godrich’s group Ultraista) and Victoria of Victoria and Jacob. It’s supremely accomplished stuff. Opener Wonder, with its a cappella intro and chattering synths, does indeed make you wonder – specifically, what a disco SMiLE would be like. K Special is swirling and intoxicating. Tallahassee is a showcase for arpeggiated basslines. Breakfast does adventurous things with a sequenced bass/beat combo. Even a song about Enjoyed’s mutt, Paws Out, is here transformed into a mid-tempo phantasmagoria. Keep to Chloe – a longform paean to SHIELD’s finest, or so they are saying – is an album of sunshine discotronica, and never mind the monsoon.

The buzz: “Part Balearic, part house, part synthpop, all vibes” – XL8R.

The truth: It’s an album for summer parties, even indoor ones.

Most likely to: Generate media column inches.

Least likely to: Generate powerful waves of vibrations which can produce effects resembling those of earthquakes.

What to buy: Keep to Chloe is released by Something In Construction on 4 September.

File next to: Hot Chip, Underworld, Caribou, Beloved.


Amazing new video from PIANO WIRE

One of the UK’s best rock photographers, Steve Gullick* has made this brilliant clip for PIANO WIRE’s, “I’ll Kill You”, the lead track from The Genius of The Crowd.


And they just announced big UK Tour (and one date in France)

PIANO WIRE Summer tour 2015 poster

First 2 from the debut ENJOYED LP

Please dig into K Special and Paws Out taken from the forthcoming album, Keep To Chloe, out Sept 4..

Two huge and wonderful, trippy disco epics.   Dive in, dance out.

Thanks to our friends at The Line Of Best Fit for premiering them

and for this perfect descriptor…

“Pop, oozing with psychedelic digressions, dreamy vocals and chewy layers.    Enjoyed’s new material dives into immensely danceable sounds that aim to transport both your mind and body – this is music to lose yourself in.” 

Enjoyed press shot lots of colour Med res