The show must go on….The Book! A Shaun Ryder 12″…more…

Hello there, voters

It’s a big day.

I am not sure how this has happened.

Five more years of punishing the poor to atone for the sins of the rich.  What are people thinking?


The show must go on…..

And yes, it has happened.  2015:  SIC has finally released a new record.    It came out this morning and it’s absolutely great.

Annnnd it’s by one of my heroes.  So that’s nice.



DARE death of rock n roll

Glad you asked.  It’s done.

It’s called DARE.

It’s about how Bowie and Kraftwerk inspired Synthpop, the Eighties and The Future.  It’s mostly focussed on one of Pop Music’s golden ages: 1979-1982.

I am doing a Kickstarter for the 1st Edition.  It’s going up now, today.   CLICK HERE.  It’s a big, sexy paperback and it’s not going to break the bank.    There are lot of plans for DARE, leading all the way into 2016.

Look, I made a website.   with loads of sexy Spotify playlists.   DARE is also on Twitter   Facebook

I am pretty excited about this,

so, please SHARE the info, the website, the Kickstarter…  it would help me enormously…


Anyway, other heroes…..

We are beyond happy to announce and release a brand new 12” single… Shaun Ryder:  Close The Dam.

writing on the wall

It was released as a very limited 12” this morning.

Surprise attack style.

There are a few signed copies out there in “selected” shops.

BUY IT HERE.   The iTunes pre-order goes live tomorrow.

Shaun taught me to dance, y’know.  It’s a bit hazy now, of course, but there’s about ten club tunes I just can’t resist and he has made two of them.   Let’s make that three now.

Shaun’s story is lonnng, with many great records and a great many good times.  All of which history makes Close The Dam more remarkable.   It had us hooked inside 20 seconds: that strut, that slinky come-hither groove.  Just a hint of Billie Jean perhaps?   Producer Sunny Levine is Quincy Jones’ grandson, so maybe that is not so far-fetched.

Shaun sounds more focussed now than…than ever, really.  Close The Dam is something new from him, a little bit future.  A spare but insistent club track with the sort of lyrics that burn themselves into your mind.

So yeah and, before you ask, it’s been an absolute pleasure working with Mr Ryder and his team.

What else?


Holy Strays has been on the road across Europe.   Seb’s just done shows with SBTRKT, Errors and Braids and debuted his brand new set with sexy visuals and lights.  East India Youth and Glass Animals came out to see cheer him on in Oslo last month.  Check out UNMOORING from that night

The new tunes are sounding huge and resemble some weird future dancefloor collaboration between Hans Zimmer and Andrew Weatherall, with the devil’s own marching band playing drums inside your skull.  Seeing 3000 Parisians go mad for it at the Olympia in Paris last week was a colossal moment, which this photo almost totally fails to capture.


Next up is a London show with EAST INDIA YOUTH.  Actually next up is a recording session in the Young Turks studio next week with some special guests.

His album is taking shape now.  There are some really interesting collaborations in the works too.  New music to hear soon.  Have a listen to remixes he’s done of Suuns, Grouper etc




ENJOYED has finished his album.  After a series of award-winning singles, EPs and remixes, he has finished his debut, Keep To Chloe.

Keep To Chloe Small

A beautifully balanced and brilliantly fucking nuanced debut album.  “Part Balearic, part house, part synthpop, all vibes” is how XLR8R described his music and they are right.

Have a listen to his homage to The Chemical Brothers, the magnificent Talahassee, which is proving to be quite the club hit already.

But there’s so much more to these nine great tunes.  Feel your way around a little Animal Collective here, some jazz oboe (IS a thing) there and a lot of live drums throughout.   Featuring Femme, Bossy Love and Victoria Harrison.

Chloe?  Chloe Bennet from Agents Of Shield, of course.  Skye is the limit.

Live shows coming soon.  Album released in July.


New signings, PIANO WIRE have also been very busy.   Formed from the ashes of one of my favourite UK bands, 80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster, these gentleman are on a mission and it’s really exciting to watch:

A mission to fuse Pixies and Love, with a hint of Magazine and a soupcon of QOTSA into something biting and melodic and tense and beautiful.  Oh and there’s a little Elliot Smith in there too.

It’s coming together quickly and they already have 30+ songs.   Eight of which form The Genius Of The Crowd, released on 12”/DL on June 8.   A record named after a Bukowski poem is itself something to admire for me.

PIANO WIRE packshot

Check out Into The Orchid, the way-poppier-than-it-sounds, I’ll Kill You, and today’s offering, the magnificent Blue Canyon Eyes, which premiered on Clash just now.  They say it’s “a lurid post-punk gem. The imagination of The Cramps bolted onto a uniquely British chassis”

THE LINE OF BEST FIT prefer “an invigorating blend of dead-eyed QOTSA swagger and piercing post-punk” 

We just shot a couple of videos which will surface soon.

There are SHOWS…

May 8   TONIGHT!!!! Old Blue Last 9.30  FREE ENTRY

May 16 Brighton The Great Escape

June 16 Shacklewell Arms (headline)



Mr Martin Carr has also just come back from a very successful tour of France and Spain.   He is very proud of the fact that no-one died on the tour and they only spent one afternoon in a Police station.  A result, I am sure you’ll agree.

Martin is working on his next record now.  In common with Mr Ryder, he is a big fan of the Bee Gees’ Stayin Alive and Mr Carr’s cover is mebbe a hint toward the next record’s sound.  Exciting.



Long echoing sigh from-deep-underground….

Shall we talk about yesterday?  I am writing this on Wednesday.  Really dread to think what will have happened by now.   I assume they will be quietly retiring to deals with each other in smoky rooms over the weekend.  Horse trading our future.

“I’ll give you five new hospitals if you let me charge for GP appointments?”

“I’ll build 150,000 flats inside the M25 but you have to let me force all mentally ill on benefits people out of London”

“OK we’ll allow Turkish people in but only if they’re not Muslim, or, if they are, they have be a doctor or something. But no Bulgarians, unless they submit to being hunted for sport”

What a mess.


It’s enough to drive you to headphones escapism.

Speaking of which…

Some records that have brightened up SIC’s days of late

Fort Romeau –  Insides  2nd LP of melodic Kraftwerky techno is a joy

LoneladyHinterland.  Sort of ESG / LCD bassy groove led post punky pop.  Really cool and really catchy.

Kero Kero BonitoIntro Bonito is super basic, 8-Bit Japanese pop, which might sound scary but it’s charming, funny, cool and really really catchy

Lower DensEscape From Evil.  Not quite as great as the last one but this ever-so-slightly gothy epic synthpop is right up my street.

White ReaperWhite Reaper.    Sort of like a girl fronted Ramones. Fast, cheap and fun.

My Morning JacketWaterfalls.  Out this week. I could listen to this man sing all day long.  Listening now. Sounds like an old friend.

John CarpenterLost Themes.  New but pretty much as you’d imagine from his soundtracks; deluxo reissues of which I have been buying from Spencer’s Death Waltz records, as finances allow.

LaibachSpectre. Last year, I know but I just got it. So good. So many ideas.  Really quite fun as far as Laibach goes. Which is all the way, obviously.

Viet CongViet Cong.  Sort of epic, gritty but non-gothy Bauhauism from the US.   Worth a listen

Natalie Prass – s/t.  You all know about this, right?  Too cute Laurel Canyon heartbreak.

Andy StottFaith In Strangers.  Still delving into this unclassifiable avant electronic beauty.

Levon Vincent. S/T  Lengthy minimal techno pie.  I know, right.  It’s really pretty though.   Touch of the Reichs about it too. (Steve, not 3rd)


Coming up soon

Chelsea Wolfe’s latest will add harsh noises to PJ Harvey melancholy to huge effect.  Go listen to her last album Pain Is Beauty and tell me you don’t like it.

Chromatics– Dear Tommy is bound to be more wonderful deadbeat elegiac 1981-ish disco and due any day now to brighten our lives.  I bought another lil gift pack from Italians Do It Better this month.  Shiny T shirts and coloured vinyl and yet more amazing real/not-real film posters

Tame Impala.  They/he seems to be turning into Memory Tapes. Which is odd but I Like what I have heard so far.  In other news, their last album just finally clicked with me.  Sort of slacker Abbey Road innit.

Radiohead?   I suspect this will be wonderful.  It had better be after the last one.  Hope Thom lets the rest of the band back into the studio this time.

Eyes on

Night Engine:  the debut is incoming

Shaun Ryder: It’s amazing but probably not out til 2016

Leverage Models:  2   absolute genius pop music fusion

Puppy made me smile with their amped-up, very-slightly-metal Weezerisms.

We’ve been listening to The Cramps a lot too.  You should also.  A Date With Elvis is a late record from them, that made1986 bearable. So many brilliant tunes.  New bands: You can be both cool and showbiz.  Observe.

Eazy-Duz-It   is quite the record too innit?  I’d never heard this NWA spin off from Eazy E before.  It’s battlin’.


Also Drive Like Jehu, UB40 in Dub, Belly (so many, many tunes), Breeders, early Grace Jones, Matmos, OMD, T-Rex, Suuns, Daniel Avery, Bill Nelson, Swansway have all served lately.

And please, do yourself a favour. Listen to Andy Weatherall’s A Pox On The Pioneers.  I keep going on about this.  It’s such a coy mistress.  A much neglected modern masterpiece from 2008 or something.  I love this album more and more each play.  Sort of old skool Weatherall with added Clash, Specials, Can, Pop Group, Soul.  Just give it a whirl.

BOWIE album of the month: Aladinsane.  A Masterwork. Mike Garson’s jazz fingers lift this into something more musically complex than He had done previously. All killer, no filler.  Ten wonderful songs and a brilliant arc/narrative.  Heartbreaking here and asskicking there.  Even if you’ve ne’er heard it before, you already know half of it.


Conspiracy Theory #23

There are so many high profile films and TV shows this year that They are trying to make us stay in.  It’s working too.  I wonder if they are planning something out there.  *peers though curtains*


I thought Justified had a super satisfying ending.  Sad to see it go but great to watch it leave.  What a great program that was.

I got to see The Voices recently.  What a film!  Mostly shot from the perspective of the troubled mind of Ryan Reynolds, it is a super black comedy with talking cats, severed heads and some of the edgiest humour I’ve seen in a minute. Simultaneously beautifully dumb and very very clever.  A trip…..

…Like Coherence. A zero budget lo-fi-sci-fi head scratcher that will stay with me for a long time.  The solace of quantum?

I am just rewatching Season 2 of Hannibal too. The sound design is scary enough in itself.  What a dark peach of a program.  Artful beyond belief and way beyond good taste.

Brooklyn Nine Nine and Community continue to make my whole family laugh, so that is a pretty wonderful thing.

I am sure you’ll hate Jupiter Ascending.  It is not perfect but I loved every ridiculously OTT minute of it.  Except Channing Tatum’s pointy ears, obvs.   I love the Wachowski’s films.


Secret Cooking Tips

Borough Market, home to many expensive treats, is the only place you can buy my new fave thing: Mushroom and truffle pate.  It IS expensive but a little goes a long way and it can be added to everything except cornflakes and coffee to huge effect.

Also, Carluccio’s lemon olive oil. For exactly the same reasons. A few drops on our pasta as it’s straining. Yum.

Secret chocolate tip:

Tescos are copying Poundland when it comes to 4 packs of Mars and Snickers for a very tempting pound.   These are not full size versions.  I want to spare you my disappointment.

Secret Voting Tip

So Labour failed to get the numbers to control things, let’s all very seriously think about the Green party.  Brighton has stuck with them.

And as I feared, Milliband cannot stop the Toryscum, then let’s look for a top to bottom rethink.   The 2 party system is over now.

More of this please….


Light relief……


And none of this



Let’s stick together