About last night

SIC took over White Heat in Soho with four of our favourite new bands.  Leaving his island home near Stockholm, Staphan O’Bell flew in and made his London debut.  Armed with just a borrowed guitar and his huge voice, he rendered the beautifully arranged orchestral songs from his debut album, “Mirror House” into stark yet remarkably lush and captivatingly colossal set pieces.  Those lucky enough to catch it, watched in silence, punctuated by rapturous applause after each song.     We will have to get him back here with his band as soon as possible.

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Staphan @ White heat

 Enjoyed played a brand new set, balancing honed disco-leaning pop with just a hint of Animal Collective’s mischief, all taken from his debut album and made it clear we were watching something special from the first few seconds.  Looping vocals and effects on top of the gleaming tunes brought some sexy chaos into the sleek lines.  She Forgets is monster of a tune live.

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Enjoyed at White heat

Mr Andrew Backhouse filled inbetween bands DJing wonders and set things up for Night Engine.  Night Engine are impossible to argue with in a small venue like JoJos.  Tighter than ever and with a lot of new songs in the set, they pummelled the crowd with tune after tune.  When the whole crowd is dancing, you know all is well.   Their debut elpee is going to blow away the cobwebs in 2015.   Young Americans and the Blockheads funk tied up tight.

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Coming on later and shrouded in darkness, Bossy Love’s DJ/MC set was bonkers and brilliant.   Speed rapping over beats, Bossy tunes and all sorts.   It was amazing to hear Sweat It Out through big speakers and very pleasing to see the dancefloor losing it to the Bossy wonder.

Well done, everybody and thanks to White Heat for having us.