love this from DavCam in my Inbox

Never had a note from the “greatest democracy the world has ever seen”

or a chance to ring up and berate Scots on the company dime (theirs too presumably) and obligatory sign-up to the Conservative propaganda sluice

Pleased I am from “A country with the British values of fairness, freedom and justice” which the Scots would presumably turn their back on as soon as the die is cast, sinking balls deep into the Buckfast trough and murdering each other for jokes

On Thursday, Scotland votes – and the future of our country is at stake.

It is a once-and-for-all decision. There is no going back. If Scotland votes yes, the United Kingdom will split, and we will go our separate ways forever.

I desperately want our family of nations to stay together – and if you do too, please do everything you can to help save our great country:

It would be heartbreaking to wake up on Friday morning to the end of the country we love.

The country that launched the Enlightenment, abolished slavery, drove the industrial revolution and defeated fascism.

A country with the British values of fairness, freedom and justice. Values that say wherever you are, whoever you are, your life has dignity and worth.

The greatest example of democracy the world has ever known, of openness, of people of different nationalities and faiths coming together as one.

Millions of people in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland could not bear to see our country, the greatest country on earth, ending forever on Friday.

So please – the United Kingdom needs you. Do all you can to help:

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Thank you,