OK. Think we are ready now…

Hello there

How’s it been?

SIC has been a bit quiet of late.  But not idle.  Never idle.

I have just finished writing a book.  It’s about how David Bowie invented 80s pop music and me.  It covers The Human League, New order, OMD, Japan, Orange Juice and more.  100,312 words.  It’s been a fun exercise.  I need to figure out what to do with it now.

But the music has not stopped.  Not at all.

We want to soundtrack the summer again this year.

Starting very very soon.

This month will see brand new brilliant things from HOLY STRAYS, ENJOYED and MADELINE MONDRALA.    Can’t wait to share them with you…

Also we will have some new music from new people.  SIC has taken on BOSSY LOVE and STAPHAN O’BELL for management.

BOSSY LOVE dropped this stunning pop EP at the end of last year.   She is working on new things right now.  Sooncome.

BossyLove2lo res

STAPHAN O’BELL is a young gentleman from Stockholm and he has made an album that sounds like summer.  Think he’s going to break cover soon with a smart cover of….well, you’ll have to wait and see.


Did you catch the debut EP from Yumi Zouma? The sleeve is below.  It’s dreamy pop from New Zealand.  Serene disco, days the Guardian.  True enough.  It reminds me of Madonna, Air France, The Stone Roses debut, The Chromatics and summer.  Joel and Henrik are fans and gave Yumi some spoken words bits for their cover of Affie’s last stand, It Feels Good.  Enjoy.


Our friends, NIGHT ENGINE just put up the first track from their debut elpee.  It’s an amazing biting pop single and you really ought to hear it.

We got to hear the GLASS ANIMALS album, Yaba this week and it’s beautiful.  Save your pennies.  The LIARS album, Mess, is a lot of fun too.  And we all really liked that MAJOR LAZER EP, Apocalypse Soon.

What has been making you beam lately?