Another beautiful song from MADELINE MONDRALA up on Fake DIY

Madeline Mondrala on chair lo res

Madeline Mondrala is an LA raised, NYC-residing new songwriter who doesn’t do things by the book. Everything feels like a risk. Each tiny fragment of a song comes off like something she might’ve been egged on to do. But it’s paying off.

Earlier this year her ‘Bad Kid’ video was picked up in a Neu Bulletin. It’s a track all about never hanging out with “the wrong crew”. Everything’s performed on her own terms, minus distractions.

Which brings us onto ‘Maybe’, a stirring waltz of a song. Backed by dramatic strings and swimming piano sections, Madeline’s vocals sway from quiet and pensive to bellowed and unashamed. Loosely structured it might be, but every oddly-arranged piece meets up in a strange, clamouring climax, ending with the sombre statement, “Love just isn’t worth it in the end.”

Listen to Madeline Mondrala’s ‘Maybe’. It’s taken from ‘Cloud’ EP, out 14th October.