Madeline Mondrala is a ridiculously talented 21 year old unsigned artist.  She was born in LA and lives in Manhattan and attends an Arts College just outside New York City.  Her live band is made of Matt Speno on guitar, Brendon Caroselli on drums, and Jon Sacca on bass.
There are an additional ten musicians playing on her exquisitely arranged, lush and orchestral debut Cloud EP, self-released on Bandcamp.  Her songs are simple and direct and her words unfussy and affecting.  She’s been playing piano, singing, and writing songs since childhood and it shows in her assured command of her talents and the way in which her natural warmth shines out through the music.
Her friends from college got together to make this video for Bad Kid from the loud EP and it looks very impressive and very beautiful indeed.
Madeline will be playing shows in New York City this summer.
Further tracks from the Cloud EP will be released in the next few weeks.
Bad Kid is getting radio play in the next few days from Xfm, 6Music and Radio1.
It’s very good, isn’t it?