Enjoyed on the Guardian

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some kind words from The Gruaniad

“Chances are that in the wake of Daft Punk’s success with Get Lucky (the UK’s biggest-selling single of 2013 so far), there will probably be quite a few dance songs edging closer to the glitterball in the coming weeks and months. While the work of Enjoyed – aka Hampshire’s Peter Evans Pritchard – doesn’t quite ape the Chic back catalogue in quite the same way, there’s a definite hint of the 70s dancefloor on his glorious new single, Dreamboat Lover (Humour Me), premiered here. Opening with a big fuzzed-up bassline, a low-slung feel that’s ripe for some shimmying, and a smattering of funk guitar, it simultaneously manages to reference the past as well as keep an eye firmly fixed on what’s happening at the moment. It also helps that the guest vocalist, Femme (aka Laura Bettinson, best known as the voice of Nigel Godrich’s Ultraista project), gives the song a delicious sense of sassiness with an effortlessness that’s hard to fault. Apparently Enjoyed’s forthcoming EP, featuring this single, aims to evoke “a late night sunlight, shoes-off dance-off; the comfort-in-colour soundtrack to your night out and your journey home”, which seems to have been sewn up with just this one song to be honest.”


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Dreamboat Lover (Humour Me) is out on 17 June on Something In Construction.”