All this, all that. Oh and summer.

Peter has been busy.  He won a lot of acclaim for the Pieces EP, his debut for SIC, a few months back.  Now we have this:
We just premiered the radio edit on the Guardian , who rather sweetly compare it to Daft Punk.  They arent the only one to do so either.   Femme is Laura, the singer from Nigel Godrich’s Ultraista project and she is GREAT on this tune.
Dreamboat Lover rocks a dirty corn-fed monster of a bass riff, that propels the song straight toward the danceteria, and ridiculously catchy-catchy hooks that will bury deep inside your cortex for weeks ever.   There’s a “New York 82” heart throbbing at the centre of the song and it variously recalls both Arthur Baker’s original template and LCD’s 21st Century take on that disco sound.    Press Release at the bottom**
Enjoyed is working on his album for an Autumn release on SIC.  You may expect Enjoyed remixes of No No No, Hot Chip, Antwerp and Night Engine to be appearing soon.
Jun 10  London, Hoxton Bar & Kitchen w/Husky Rescue
Jun 12  London Book Club, Radar Videos Party
Aug 13 London Huw Stephens @ The Social
Madeline is based in NYC and has a very amazing way with a phrase and a tune.  Fans of Cat Power and the Walker Brothers might want to have a listen to Wolves, which we first heard on Mary Anne Hobbs’ show, and having been blown away, we tracked Madeline down and I am very pleased to announce her addition to the SIC Management family.  A great deal more to come from Madeline over the summer.
You are aware of Night Engine, of course.  We just released their second single via the Demand Vinyl label. Another brilliant double A-side featuring  Give Me A Chance, whose video we shared on Fake DIY,  and my personal favourite of theirs,Young & Carefree, which starts with a slow pounding rhythm before opening out wider and wider into Cinemascope and makes space for about five choruses of properly amazing Eurodiscorock, that summons early Simple Minds, and 79-83 Bowie, which is high praise indeed.  And true.
They just aced The Great Escape, with FOUR packed-the-fuck out shows (and will do the same this weekend at Dot-2-Dot).  Witness the reviews from Brighton:
“”the wonderful Night Engine once again prove themselves the British band it’s worth getting excited about this year”Independent
“A betting man, however, might put his money on Night Engine as the band most likely to.” GUARDIAN
Their never-ending UK tour rolls on in June and then on to Latitude.
Sunday 9th                               Poole Mr Kyps
Tuesday 11th                            Exeter Phoenix
Wednesday 12th                      LeamingtonSpaThe Zephyr
Thursday 13th                           Birmingham Hare & Hound
Friday 14th                                LiverpoolThe Cavern
Saturday 15th                           WhitehavenThe Civic
Sunday 17th                             NewcastleThe Cluny
Monday 18th                            HartlepoolThe Studios
Friday 21st                                SheffieldTheLeadmill
Saturday 22nd                          HarlowThe Square
Sunday 23rd                             ScunthorpeTheRedbournClut
Monday 24th                            Norwich Arts Centre
Well, this has been a while coming but we have in our possession the master of the debut album from Leverage Models, aka Shannon Fields from the Silent League.  It is spectacular, unexpected, rich and elegant POP MUSIC.   You may hear M83, Gary Numan, Japan, Usher, and LCD in there.  Smart.  There are a host of contributors from the likes of Arcade Fire, Sharon Van Etten, Sinkane and M83.  It’s coming in the Autumn.
Leverage Models have been playing some great shows in New York just now and just blew people away opening for Escort last week.  David Byrne was at their last headline show, y’know.
Seb is almost done with his new EP, which will be released in the summer.  He is turning a lot of heads at some cool labels and also working on a number of can’t-say-yet collaborations.  The last single Christabelle A/B is still racking up fans.
He’s just played with Prince Rama and oOoOo and is supporting  Koreless on June 28 in Paris. Debut London show to be announced very shortly.
MEMORY TAPES just completed a US tour and is looking at doing more dates over the summer.  You can expect more new material from him later this year.
ANR are still making album #2.   Have a go on their take on top friends’ MS MR’s Bones.
What else?
Oh YES. I am writing A BOOK.  It is my first go at this and it’s all about how amazing pop music is.   A long way to go but it is under way.  It is very exciting and I am really enjoying writing it.
The tidal blast of new and old music is getting out of hands, isn’t it, readers?  And so much of it is, being very charitable, somewhat underwhelming.   But there are diamonds, dotted across the chaff, if I might mix you a metaphor. Do you want ice in that?   Tell me your recommends too please, I am all “ears”.
Musics (lots actually) 
SUUNS Images Du Futur is shaping up to be one my Top 5 of the year. Tightly wound and quite minimal, weird, druggy guitar music.
Stoner rock albums from ENDLESS BOOGIE and UNCLE ACID AND THE DEADBEATS make that all look too easy. Love both of those albums. Uncle Acid is the one though. Damn.
HOOKWORMS Pearl Mystic is a throwback to some 80s Noisepop records that I still treasure and well worth a listen.
DANIEL AVERY’s Fabric mix is pretty stunning. Fashionable but fun dance music. He just finished his debut LP for Erol’s label. I sense wonder.
Despite having their drummer bounced at Immigration for TGE, EMPRESS OF really impressed me.  There’s a weird, playful, tuneful electronic, Holter / Cocteaux vibe to the System EP
Was also very taken with BLUE HAWAII whose spectral electronix packed a basstastic gut punch at a pitch black gig in Brighton too.
Also, Scottish singer,  SIOBHAN WILSON’s rather beautiful acoustic show in a noisy afternoon pub show was really impressive.  She has an EP called Glorified Demons.
RYAN HEMSWORTH’s free-to-download Still Awake EP is really great.  I was worried it might just be blah tasteful electronix but there’s tunes in there.
The KISSES album on Cascine is really great synth pop.
The VONDELPARK album is really accessible and not at all what I expected.
THE ASPHODELLS album is amazing. Weatherall strikes again.  He’s just getting better and better.  Not sure why this hasn’t had more acclaim.  Slightly dubby psych pop is the order of the day.
GOAT World Music  was a bit slow on this psychedelic rock wonder from Sweden but it’s great.
MIGUEL Kaleidoscope Dream. Same on this.  Half of it is stunning and the other half is a bit too trad R’n’B for me.
Instant Crush off the Daft Punk album is very well titled. The Panda Bear track is good too. The rest, not so much.
SAVAGES album is good if a little hard going at times.  Deficient in tunes but overflowing with commendable attitude and politics.
Really getting back into CORNERSHOP too.  I had a lovely pot of tea with Tjinder the other day and he has many exciting plans for the future.   National Treasures, I reckon.
Forthcoming releases from GENTLEMEN are amazing soft psych rock wonders, for fans of The Silent League.
San Francisco hop hop dude MILO is stunning with his LEX circa 2004 hip hop.
Oh and, contrary to conventional wisdom, and very very much to my approval, both SUEDE and BOWIE released really really really good albums. But you knew that, right?
Also we’ve been going back in on MATTHEW E WHITEDEERHUNTER, PROPAGANDA, CRAMPS, DAF, PHARCYDE, MR RICHARD FORMBY and JAPAN, BROADCAST and the BREEDERS. And I heard Goat by JESUS LIZARD for the first time and I love it.
And I was perplexed by MOJO’s Ten Best IGGY POP albums. BLAH BLAH BLAH is still sounding great to me.  As isInstinct.  I love Iggy.
Oh yeah. I was pleased to see Pitchfork’s 100 Best Alternative albums from the 60s. Some I love already, some I’d never heard of. A lot of Jazz and the remarkable PERRY KINGSLEY’s The In Sound From Way Out, whose title and sleeve the Beastie Boys borrowed. Weird prpto synth kids TV, sounds and fun bubblegum experipop noises. Recommended.
Well I am working through a great pile of pristine comic books I got at a boot fair for a pound apiece the other day.  The Avengers Civil War series is good.
Also read my first Rebus novel which was a bit slow but very involving and not at all what I expected..
I discovered that Neil Gaiman wrote a biography of Douglas Adams, which I am going through at the moment and enjoying. Although it makes me sad that he is dead.
Not so much reading at the moment, as I am trying to write one of these book things.
Goggle Box…
Well, The new TOMB RAIDER was BRILLIANT. My game of the year (that doesn’t have the words Call Of Duty on it anywhere).
OLIVER STONE’UNTOLD HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES is smart, educational and does not pause for a second.
New GAME OF THRONES is great for beheadings, boobs and bums.
HOUSE OF CARDS started a tad slow but got really brilliant. Kevin Spacey is so cool, isn’t he?
And getting cooler.
New JUSTIFIED was stunning. Definitely my favourite program at the moment. Timothy Olyphant and Waylon Goggins are fuckiing masterful cat-and-mouse enemies in this Elmore Leonard based series, set among the badmen of Kentucky (the patron state of shooting stuff). If you watch it, you WILL love it too.
The FOLLOWING is not perfect but I am enjoying it. Gets quite disturbing at times….
…although as nothing compared to AMERICAN HORROR STORY, which does what it says on the tin amazingly well and both series are eye swivellingly demented.  Jessica Lange will never be the same again.  There is so much crazy in there but they handle it all so deflty, you are compelled to go along with it all.
THE KILLING II was better than the brilliant debut and I am so going in on III next week.
Also I only just discovered BORED TO DEATH, which is funny as hell and Ted Danson should probably run for president; or at least as Veep on Kevin Spacey’s ticket.
AMERICAN MARY was something pretty original and very well put together and a little demented and vile.  Set among the hopefully fictional world of illegal surgical body modification. 
STAR TREK II was fun but a bit disappointing.   IRON MAN III was way better than it had any right to be.
Also SIGHTSEERS, SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS, SILVER LINING PLAYBOOK are three recent and ace films beginning with S.
DOWN TERRACE, the debut from Ben Wheatley was a weird, tense, claustrophobic and violent Royle Family
I was pretty taken with the Lichtenstein exhib at the Tate.
Still haven’t seen the LIGHT SHOW.  Think it’s finished now. It looked amazing.
The BOWIE IS at the V&A was about the best such thing that I have ever seen.  I was lucky enough to go to the opening party and that was a surreal and luxurious night out.  The whole interactive, immersive nature of the Bowie thing is completely stunning. I know there’s a wait but get in or regret it.
Behold, His coke spoon, with which He made StationToStation
Next up is the brand new ADAM CURTIS v MASSIVE ATTACK 4D Experience at the Manchester Festival in July. CAN.  NOT.  WAIT.
Also, if you don’t give this a once over, then more fool you. Please circulate. I promise the Tory think tank weasels have plans to make you pay for every visit to the GP so do sign this now.
38 Degrees do a lot of these things but they do work.  They have successfully blocked several heinous ideas the Tories have floated out here recently to screw you and  line their own moleskin pockets.
Hi,Dear friends,

Have a look at this: Conservative party is looking into limiting the number of times we are allowed to visit our GPs.

Since the NHS was created, all British citizens have had the security of being able to rely on access to our health system – whenever we need it. Limiting the number of times we can see our GP would undermine the NHS at its very foundations.

So let’s send health minister Jeremy Hunt a strong message: drop this terrible idea.

Please sign the petition now:,

Also, in the interests of balance, Nota Bene….
And finally…
*Check out the cuteness on these toy horses in the New Forest, Pony foals are puppy sized, y’all.
And fear feeding notwithstanding, if you ARE feeling paranoid and, to be fair,  I have heard a few people say that you are, then
a. you have every cause
Love and Quizzes

NIGHT ENGINE: June dates

Wednesday 12th                      LeamingtonSpaThe Zephyr
Thursday 13th                           Birmingham Hare & Hound
Friday 14th                                LiverpoolThe Cavern
Saturday 15th                           WhitehavenThe Civic
Sunday 17th                             NewcastleThe Cluny
Monday 18th                            HartlepoolThe Studios
Friday 21st                                SheffieldTheLeadmill
Saturday 22nd                          HarlowThe Square
Sunday 23rd                             ScunthorpeTheRedbournClut
Monday 24th                            Norwich Arts Centre

Enjoyed on the Guardian

Enjoyed press shot lots of colour Med res

some kind words from The Gruaniad

“Chances are that in the wake of Daft Punk’s success with Get Lucky (the UK’s biggest-selling single of 2013 so far), there will probably be quite a few dance songs edging closer to the glitterball in the coming weeks and months. While the work of Enjoyed – aka Hampshire’s Peter Evans Pritchard – doesn’t quite ape the Chic back catalogue in quite the same way, there’s a definite hint of the 70s dancefloor on his glorious new single, Dreamboat Lover (Humour Me), premiered here. Opening with a big fuzzed-up bassline, a low-slung feel that’s ripe for some shimmying, and a smattering of funk guitar, it simultaneously manages to reference the past as well as keep an eye firmly fixed on what’s happening at the moment. It also helps that the guest vocalist, Femme (aka Laura Bettinson, best known as the voice of Nigel Godrich’s Ultraista project), gives the song a delicious sense of sassiness with an effortlessness that’s hard to fault. Apparently Enjoyed’s forthcoming EP, featuring this single, aims to evoke “a late night sunlight, shoes-off dance-off; the comfort-in-colour soundtrack to your night out and your journey home”, which seems to have been sewn up with just this one song to be honest.”


Dreamboat Colour lo res

Dreamboat Lover (Humour Me) is out on 17 June on Something In Construction.”