An open letter to everyone. But especially to the UK Labour party.

Today I went on a bit of a Twitter rant. I am anngry. Righteous ire. The news this week has forced me to do this.

So, do have a read.

I think today we should try to bring down the government. Who’s in?

The economic policy is in tatters.  TripDip recession. The NHS cuts and target culture are KILLING hundreds (thus far announced), and….GOVE.

Michael Gove has folded his tent into the night.  NOT, I am sure, at the behest of Clegg. That’s smells of BULLSHIT. I’d love to know the real reasons.  The horsetrading and blackmail involved.

Maybe they just found out what it would actually COST.

But still..alls they had/have to do is make and mark the GCSEs a bit harder for a wider selection of grades like when I was a politically active youth.

Now If only there was a party with conflicting views to the govt, then TODAY would be a good day for them to step up + CALMLY DISMISS THE FOOLS

If Eds, Balls and Milliband, don’t shout from the rooftops today then they are not fit to be in Parliament

The banks have either lost, stolen or spent A TRILLION POUINDS on fine dining and the Tory scum are clawing it back, £2 at a time from YOU.

They will take 50p from every pound you’ll EVER EARN to reverse this wholesale incompetent theft and the resultant lack of spending in the economy will push more and more out of jobs and will only make things worse for all of us.

Meanwhile those responsible will continue to prosper at a level that would bring tears to your eyes and continue the same idiocy that caused the whole 2008 collapse in the first place. It’s that simple.

I am sick of reading about fabulous new restaurants with £140 set meals.

You know JOHN NASH, from the film A Beautiful Mind…? He invented Game Theory. An odd idea that, bizarrely quickly, came to define Mutual Assured Destruction in the Cold War.

Essentially it dictates that Individuals acting selfishly would collectively benefit a whole System. Whether it be a game of chess, a single company, global markets and economics, nuclear detente, all kinds of things.

This gave rise to Target Culture. …And the idea that such personal greed/success would benefit a whole system / school / hospital, police force OR an ECONOMY.

The problem was…Nash.. was, as it turned out, FUCKING INSANE.

And after some years in an institution, he recanted the whole theory as flawed.

And despite the patronage of Blair, Thatcher and presumably, Cameron, these ideas DO NOT WORK.  And they led to the collapse of the economy,  the disarray in education (See the war between Gove and, oooh, ALL THE TEACHERS in the country today).

and, the reclassifications of serious crimes to bend police stats


most inisidiously of all, the DEATH of hundreds of patients in ONE HOSPITAL.

Thing is, you know what was special about that Staffordshite hospital?


Nothing at all.

So, what are the real numbers across the country? The number of patients KILLED by unreasonable targets set to dwindling budgets.

Doesn’t bear thinking about, does it?

But we have to think about it. Cos it’ll be your gran, your mum and, soon enough YOU that can’t get that operation quickly enough or just dying of starvation (STARVATION, MIND) in an NHS hospital. If you are lucky enough to get inside one, that is.

So few of us actually have ANY money these days. A little cash maybe. but mainly just mainly shifting sands of debt/mortgage/overdraft,  that none of us has any power.

Nor a voice.

Labour doesnt even have a voice any more. How has this happened?

One million people marching against that war was ignored.

Petitions are ignored.

All opposition is ignored.

The government doesn’t even really have any power any more. Big Corporations and the media affect and control the government and all of us, way more then the disgraceful and contemptuous English Tory Party or the SNP or the impotent Labour party ever can again.

There is only one weak spot in their armour: the constant greed and need for profits.

But how to exploit this weakness? I don’t know.

Not spending money on weekends would wobble share prices BUT put people out of jobs .

Boycotting certain big tax-avoiding corporations, on a global scale, will DEFINITELY take down their share prices and at some point, they’ll be forced to cave in or go under.

It wouldn’t take much, I think.

A 25% drop in Amazon/Apple/Starbucks/Google turnover,and a similar drop in share price and they’d reconsider paying taxes,

We could do that. Easily.

The markets are an insane system. INSANE. And we see everyday how weak they are.

WE could do that….

What gets me is the insanity that underpins America. A country where 50% of children at some point are on food stamps.  Obama was. Starvation is an issue there. Not in NYC or LA or DC. But in America as a whole.

Homes being reclaimed.

Surely we ALL know, or have heard of,  someone in the US who has suffered ILL HEALTH now cos they can’t afford medicine/treatment.

And still they maintain that helping people is despicable communism and vote against it, year after year

That abhorrent selfishness was ushered in here by Thatcher.

And it has taken hold here in the UK. Care and empathy and concern are BELITTLED.

They are minority concerns.

Compassion is unaffordable. Not economically viable. Here in the fourth (or whatever) richest country in the world.

Or indeed in the the richest country , America.

How is this possible?

Well, we are all to blame. Don’t blame Cameron. We expect it of his kind.  That’s what he does.   Blame Blair a lot. Blame Thatcher a lot.

But blame yourself the most.

Horrible, isn’t it? Not a nice feeling.

How to fix it?

I am totally open to constructive ideas. Not expecting an easy fix.

But if we could all STOP punishing the weak and the stupid.

And start seriously PUNISHING the greedy and the heartless, that would be good.

I am sure there are many skivers out there. And some immigrants who came here for an easy life.  But not that many. And they can’t be too hard to identify.

How about just finding that minority NOT screwing the lifeforce out of everyone.

The only way the economy is going to get fixed is not by taking a fiver of people’s dole. That would take 300 YEARS.

The money went out of one door. Go after it through that same door.

You know who did it. I know who did it.

Never mind the notion that increasing taxation on banks/corporations would make them leave the country.

How about looking at it this way instead…?

The same way my council would look at me if I claimed too much benefit or robbed a post office. They would take my passport, and force me to pay back what I stole.  ALL OF IT. And if I made fifty grand profit this year, GUESS FUCKING WHAT?

I’d have to pay it all back until I paid back what I stole.

It is only in many many huge chunks of HUNDREDS of MILLIONS OF POUNDS that this debt mountain is going to get remotely tackled.

Not 50p here and a fiver there..   Poor people are really not the ones to look to to fix the Economy. They have no money and no power.

So who has money and power?

Ah yes.

There really is no other way.

Austerity is ONLY going to drive people out of work, stop spending, shut the high street, destroy the economy further, and…obviously… put more strain on the benefits system, force people to lower expectations and life expectancy, to eat crap and get iller and fatter and further strain the NHS.

That strain causes Inflation will rise, things get more expensive to build or make. From sandwiches to cars.  And this is improvement?

More and more people will have less per week to live on than an MP spends on their DAILY lunch  That is obviously insane.

You can see this happening around you every day.

Inflation is 4%, is it?

Well, we all know that is not true. How much was a cinema ticket, a loaf of bread, a pint, a winter heating bill a few years back?

4% my ARSE. It’s been running at 10-15% for years. That’s how come things double in price every five years

Any schoolkid in a maths class would tell you that.

And I am aware of the despicable counter-arguments to this next bit but adverts on telly are a great barometer.  Companies do not advertise for long products that are not popular.

TV after 10pm is all LOANSHARKING at 2000% and GAMBLING apps for mobiles.

And, similarly, the high streets in the less affluent parts of town are all betting shops and pawnbrokers.

Not in Chelsea, mind.

Tories will tell you that poor people can choose not to follow these ads’ suggestions.  And that is true.  But they are the ones who, if they do follow these ads’ suggestions, will fall into a pit that they CANNOT escape from. EVER.  Unless their parents die and leave them a house or money and there is barely a generation left that that notion holds out much “hope” for.

So, I’d like to see a ban on that. NOW.  Stop advertising gambling.  PLEASE.

And what is the point of directing righteous anger at banks if WONGA can start up and charge 2000% APR.  Maths is hard for some people but we all know that is WRONG. You borrow a hundred till friday and can’t repay. CAN’T. And a year later you owe TWO GRAND.


Again. stop punishing poor people. I would LOVE to see numbers on payday loans from this Christmas.

High street takings still down after Christmas? What a surprise.

This is Thatcher’s Dream.

It really is.

And it’s vile.

And if that chubby cheeked ANTICHRIST in No.10 suggests once more that all start our own companies up to succeed I will explode.

We can’t all be bosses. That is a five year old’s solution. It doesnt work.

We can, however,  all be financially bonded serfs though. Dying of starvation, obesity or malnutiriton.  That is pretty easy to believe.

In fact, should you find that a tough idea to swallow, wake the fuck up and look around.  Go to anywhere in the country that is more than 75 miles from London and has a population of less than 500,000.   Go to Hull, Plymouth, Swansea, Dundee, Doncaster, Leicester, Norwich, Bolton. And look around. These places are ghost towns

There is no manufacturing industry left. We have Arms, Finance, and Culture.

That’s it.

Culture is being throttled. Finance gives back 1% of what it takes. Thank fuck we still make ludicrously expensive weapons so damn well, eh?     There’s always people willing to FIGHT TO THE DEATH over the scraps left from what the West and the corporations takes from their country.

Still, it wouldn’t happen here, would it?

Stiff upper lip, what what, ra ra ra. Another glass of Chateau Petrus? It’s all on the account…

Oh and MPs polled themselves just now and decided they really ought to have a 42% pay rise. That would be commensurate with their standing..

….”Because you’re worth it”. Surely the most insidious/sickening slogan EVER.

It means “you KNOW, for sure, that this is SO WRONG and inappropriate financially FOR YOU but, y’know, FUCK THAT, GIVE US YOUR MONEY”

It’s been suggested that 4m took out payday loans at Christmas. Amazing. Let’s say it was an average of £125. I’d bet its more though. If it isn’t yet, it soon will be.  But HALF A BILLION is a nice round number. What is the projected return on that? Got to be same again, right?

Why aren’t the banks or the government Or, for example, OUR government owned banks (OURS, mind), making these loans at reasonable rates?

Why isnt RBS doing this?

And what is RBS doing instead? Something helpful? Something positive, to make amends?

Are. They. Fuck?

What they are doing is fixing the LIBOR rates. This is happening in front of us.

What damage does a £300m fine do to RBS?

Considerably less than a parking ticket for daring to park outside a friend’s house does to YOU.

Assuming that they actually pay it, mind. Rather than tie it up in appeals for 5 years until it’s really only worth £150m

Laughing all the way to the bank.

So, come on LABOUR, there’s no danger of an election just yet. You’ve nothing to lose.