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November: Spawned A Monster Update

Got a few things to get through this month so pull up a cup of tea and have a rummage.  The good stuff is not just at the back.

1.  A New Vinyl Only Label.

 Demand Vinyl is a specialist vinyl only label, launching in London, on January 1st, 2013.  We will be signing and releasing artists, alongside one-off collaborations, reissues, soundtracks and whatever else seems like fun.  We are kicking off with a Subscription Singles Club.  A nice wee story from Pitchfork here


Subscribers will get TEN exclusive and beautifully packaged 7” singles in a personalised deluxe box.  The first FOUR will be mailed out in the box and the remaining SIX will come in the post, once a month, for six months.   These sets are strictly limited to 500 copies and there will be absolutely no represses.

Artists contributing include Memory Tapes, Hot Chip, Air France, St Etienne, Laetitia Sadier, NIki & The Dove, Levek, Moons, Holy Strays, Dreamtrak and more.

Each single will have a track from a more established artist, along with one from a new act.  The songs will be exclusive to the Singles Club and will include originals, one-off collaborations and covers.

The Singles Club is being managed by Pledge Music and the Subscription Information is live right now.  These sets are limited to 500 copies and priced at £55 inc p+p (a little more for delivery outside the UK).  There will be no more made, so be quick.  Surprise gifts will also be included in the sets.

Each single will be accompanied by a subscriber-only explanation from the artist of the ideas and story behind the song, some with a mixtape, video or a short video podcast from the artist.


THE SINGLES CLUB is saving one of the slots for a brand new band.  We are asking for demos as of now .

Send links to

Entrants will be narrowed down by our A&R Team and a list of finalists will be published in the New Year.  A winner will be picked by Rob DaBank(Radio1/Bestival/SundayBest) and the prize package will include all Ten Singles, a day in the 4AD studio to record a tune and then including that tune on the tenth and final Singles Club single.

The competition closes. as the year closes, at midnight on New Year’s Eve 2012.

Somewhat Conceptual

The name of the label is somewhat conceptual and to be part of a pro-vinyl campaign, with merchandise available.   Vinyl sales are on the rise and we are very pleased about that notion and keen to get firmly behind it.  Buy yourself a DEMAND VINYL T shirt why don’t you and always demand vinyl.



A digital album out this week exclusively via iTunes

 Sad songs really do say so much, don’t you find?  Something In Construction is all about pop music and the big ballad has always been an important part of pop music.    Not that these are power ballads; far from it.  Well, maybe not that far.

Some of these are introspective, some are uplifting, but all of them are utterly beautiful.  If there’s a common thread, it’s that we can hear big string parts on all of these anthems big songs.   On some of the songs the strings are sweetly real, on others they are pretty much all in our mind.   Inspiration is a good trick.

Air France kick things off with a sublime distillation of this whole notion of sadness, wonder and uplift.  The Silent League follow the heartbreak road with a dulcimer-helmed paean to wavering belief and ebbing youth.  Memory Tapes offer a characteristically toe-tapping suicide ballad.  The Concretes’ sensual throb charts the beginning of the end and The Rest offer a ballad of self-destruction.  ANR’s epic track is my favourite song of theirs and we have no clue whatsoever as to what it is about.  That is just fine by us.  Over-analysis can really kill the buzz.  Mystery and wonder are a vital part of the process.

It all sounds a bit negative, doesn’t it?  Well, I guess sometimes the glass IS half empty.  Just the way it goes.   So deal with it, top it up and sing along.


You have hopefully noticed that MEMORY TAPES is gearing up for the release of Grace / Confusion, his 3rd full length in 3 years, on December 4th.   You can pre-order here UK or here US and get some extra shizzle.   Gorilla vs Bear premiered a mixtape and lead single Sheila here. And the Sequel to his Walk Me Home Halloween jam is also free to download.    Lots of cool thing incoming on this as you would expect, so keep ‘em peeled.

PHILCO FICTION have been on their travels again.  They were here in London last month for a Sold Out Old Blue Last show, a great Rough Trade Instore and to record a Radio 1 Session which airs in December.  They just played a Lego festival (!) in Norway and slew at Iceland Airwaves where the 405 described them as “pretty spectacular and joyful….offkilter and FUN”.

They have started work on album #2 in thewir Oslo studio.  Members of the band are working on some very exciting collaborations, which will be revealed soon enough.  And we are working on a special Christmas gift from the band to you. More soon on that.  Oh and they are planning to come to China and Japan next year.

HOLY STRAYS premiered a new video on VICE this week and there is a compilation of his remixes going up on BandCamp soon. He just played a great show in Paris with o0o00 and Ital.    Holy Strays is also working on some very cool collaborations which will bear fruit next year and of course features in the Singles Club.

ANR have nearly finished their follow up to Stay Kids.  They have recorded a LOT of songs so expect a wealth of new material popping up here and there from them.  Like Tobe Hooper which is a  pretty damn amazing Texas Chainsaw themed mixtape they made, which is full of great great tunes, especially the John Cale cover of Fear Is A Man’s best Friend and one of my favourite weird new songs of theirs, Willowy Eye.

DREAMTRAK has finished his album and that will be with us early next year with all kinds of sexy and exciting tunes.  Oh yes.  He will also feature in the Singles Club.

LEVERAGE MODELS are playing Pop Montreal tonight so hurry to an airport to make THAT one.  David Byrne came out to see them at the recent New York show and their debut album is also set for early next year.

Think that is it for them. You may expect new music from VISIONS OF TREES, NIVA and THE SILENT LEAGUE in 2013 and the much anticipated return of CHRISTIAN SILVA. Oh yes.


The Sprit Of Talk Talk book came out.  It is thing of beauty.  Really and truly; and not just cos MisterLaurie contributed to it.  God, I miss TalkTalk.

 Night Engine have restored our faith in guitar music. We went to see them again this week, in fact.  So good. Late 70s Bowie, Blondie and Franz are the ingredients with a hint of 1981 pop.

Noisy buggers Metz, Fidlar and Cheatahs also bringing the zinnnging back to indie rock.  See also garage/Nuggets vibes from Allah-Las and Ty Segall.

The Tame Impala / Melody’s Echo Chamber / Pond axis has given us three weirdl and great records this year now so, um, go Oz.

Young producer ENJOYED is going to put a big smile on all of your face soon. Very clever electronic dance or pop or dance or pop, it is too.

Similarly The Utraista album is getting a lot of rewinds here, as is theweird and scary Andy Stott album.  We only just got the last Laeititia Sadier record and it’s as beautiful and brilliant as you’d expect.  Same also for Cat Power.

Against our better judgement, we’ve been watching IACGMOOH again. Pretty sure Ant and Dec have crossed over to the dark side and are “sick of these morons”.  Obviously this doesnt not cause an issue with our righteous and ongoing intractable Anti-Reality TV stance.

Keeping up with Homeland, Sons Of Anarchy, Breaking Bad and Boardwalk Empire is a sign of a golden age of telly; mebbe.

We’ve been very happily surprised by the trippy hokum of Snow White And The Huntsman, the trippy balls-to-the-wall Japanese madbadgery of KITARO, one character of which is an animatronic eye.

Y’allspotted that Prometheus was very slightly re-edited, and all the better for it, for its DVD release. Luc Besson’s latest silly film, LOCKOUT, starring Mike from Neighbours was a LOT of unexpected fun.  Makes a nice double bill with Iron Sky, doncha know.

Cabin In The Woods did not disappoint one bit either.  Whereas Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, alas, did.   A stupid idea must be done extra  well with the just the the right amount of winkage.

Red Lights was worth a watch and The Campaign emphatically was not.  In a year the saw Helping People (only just) triumph over Fucking People Over in the real world, or at least in America, the comedy gold was there for the taking.

*The language of the election is amazing, isn’t it?  All new words, all new bullshit.

Not gonna mention Paedogeddon, except to say, I feel sorry for all the victims whose suffering is being traded like poker chips by the media for its commercial value and to push through anti BBC hate vibes.  Shameful all round.

SIC is never going to be without coriander again.  Or Sharwoods noodles.  Just saying, is all.  Also this week in Food & Drink, the big 4 have got about a week to make their best offer to SIC, in the Xmas Wine discount deal area.  We are stocking up next week.

Here is a picture of David Bowie. He won’t fly, y’know (or record, ho ho) and it looks like he takes a cruise ship to himself.  Class, you just can’t buy it.

Speaking of class, look at these hot monochrome mamas:

 We can’t truly be friends if you don’t know who all of these people are.

     And lets not forget the balloon animals, cos they have feelings too


 That’s all



PS Except  this happened….