AUTUMN STORE, A little Mixtape for you from us


We were feeling a bit autumnal this morning….and so made a mixtape.

You can grab it here    Tracklisting below. Some are old. Some are very new.


1.  WARNER                                      EHS

2.  TALK TALK                                 Happiness Is Easy

3.  DIIV                                               How Long (Moons Remix)

4.  HOLY STRAYS                            Christabell B

5.  NINA SIMONE                            Save Me

6.  GENE CLARK                              Only Colombe

7.  LEVEK                                           Black Mold Grow

8.  MAZZY STAR                              Blue Flower

9.  FIELD MICE                                Sensitive

10. COLD SHOWERS                      Violent Cries

11. METZ                                           Wet Blanket

12. LIARS                                          Point Your Pistols To The Sigh

13. TOY                                             The Reasons Why

14. VISIONS OF TREES                With You

15. SPIRITUALIZED                     I Think I’m IN Love (|Chemical Bros Rmx)

16. PHILCO FICTION                   Portrait Of Silence

17. NEW ORDER                             Elegia