Introducing Holy Strays

SIC is managing a new Parisien producer called HOLY STRAYS

After a couple of Low key releases on Not Not Fun last year, he just released a 7″ Christabell on Morning Ritual that sounds like nothing you’ve heard before. Shades of Burial elegance or Fourtet’s magpie DNA might be discerned but this is fractured yet hugely cinematic gospel that sounds like it was beamed in from a future world dedicated to beauty and ideas.

Yes it does.

You can hear some more of his brain’s unique synapses here and here in the form of two downloadable mixtapes, that mix up beats, dub, soundtracks, snatches of film dialogue,  pscyhe tunes, Fugazi (I think), soul, samba and thigns I can only guess at. So. Damn. Smart.