Some of the very kind words written about the amazing PHILCO FICTION elpee, Take It Personal

PHILCO FICTION.  Take It Personal


ROUGH TRADE (upfront copies)

“a twisted pop sensation that lives up to the hype…incredibly good” The Guardian

“There’s something simultaneously wide-eyed and wary about Turid Solberg’s vocals.” FACT

unashamedly catchy snippets of melodic pop” Vice

“Dark edged, powerful pop music” CLASH

“an unashamed explosion of colour-drenched neo-pop and crystalline dream disco” Dazed.

“strange and fantastic” Interview

“giddy pop music” Under The Radar

“recorded during the harsh Nordic winter but the musical equivalent of an  ice cold cocktail” NME

a beautiful album” The 405

highly danceable” Gorilla Vs Bear

“Beautifully produced to the point of pin-precision perfection.  A truly stunning collection of songs” – Rich Thane, The Line Of Best Fit

 “Bloody lush” RobDaBank


AUTUMN STORE, A little Mixtape for you from us


We were feeling a bit autumnal this morning….and so made a mixtape.

You can grab it here    Tracklisting below. Some are old. Some are very new.


1.  WARNER                                      EHS

2.  TALK TALK                                 Happiness Is Easy

3.  DIIV                                               How Long (Moons Remix)

4.  HOLY STRAYS                            Christabell B

5.  NINA SIMONE                            Save Me

6.  GENE CLARK                              Only Colombe

7.  LEVEK                                           Black Mold Grow

8.  MAZZY STAR                              Blue Flower

9.  FIELD MICE                                Sensitive

10. COLD SHOWERS                      Violent Cries

11. METZ                                           Wet Blanket

12. LIARS                                          Point Your Pistols To The Sigh

13. TOY                                             The Reasons Why

14. VISIONS OF TREES                With You

15. SPIRITUALIZED                     I Think I’m IN Love (|Chemical Bros Rmx)

16. PHILCO FICTION                   Portrait Of Silence

17. NEW ORDER                             Elegia

Introducing Holy Strays

SIC is managing a new Parisien producer called HOLY STRAYS

After a couple of Low key releases on Not Not Fun last year, he just released a 7″ Christabell on Morning Ritual that sounds like nothing you’ve heard before. Shades of Burial elegance or Fourtet’s magpie DNA might be discerned but this is fractured yet hugely cinematic gospel that sounds like it was beamed in from a future world dedicated to beauty and ideas.

Yes it does.

You can hear some more of his brain’s unique synapses here and here in the form of two downloadable mixtapes, that mix up beats, dub, soundtracks, snatches of film dialogue,  pscyhe tunes, Fugazi (I think), soul, samba and thigns I can only guess at. So. Damn. Smart.