August: Summer news: Always belive in your soul

SIC believes in its soul.  You should too.  It’s important. Or probably it’s rubbish.  Believe in something though.  Music is an ideal repository for this untethered credence.
I can’t say it won’t let you down.  Cos it will.  We are still scarred by Mr Bowie’s Glass Spider, for example.  And…Wincing The Night Away proved a horribly accurate title.  But it will definitely reach down into your own abyss and bring you back up again into the sunshine….*
We have finished with the Olympics and  been on holiday.  Deserved?  Hell yeah.  We’ve been working, see,  when maybe we’ve seemed quiet.   And it starts now.   We had been getting headaches again. Are all these things linked?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  The pills make us all feel better tho.
Anyway. The music….
ANR:  Now, they have been really busy.  It’s been a weird ride to this new elpee.  Weird and dark.  The new record is a slink back to the R’n’B sounds of their earlier albums.   Seems trite to say they are putting the arty into the party but we are not above that. Remember their cover of Usher’s Climax that killed us at SXSW. Looking back, that might have been a turning point.
It doesn’t sound at ALL like this incredible piece of music Willowy Eye.   but damn it’s too good to discard.  New things will appear via their Facebook.   Go like em to be in on it. @ANRmiami
*NEW* DREAMTRAK: is a London based producer/DJ/remixer.  He has turned in some really amazing disco/house remixes for (inc Philco, ANR, Visions Of Trees)  in the last year or so. We are very proud to be releasing his debut album in October.   It will feature new and exclusive remixes and tunes with Guest vocalists. Have a gander at this mixtape he did for Clash. It’ll make you happy. London’s best kept secret?  Yes.
*NEW* ENJOYED: Big loud, dancey, pop, fun music. Early thumbs up form Radio1, Guardian and more. In thrall to the Chemical Bros and Underworld but very new, you can have a listen here. Sign up here for a free Sugar EP and a video and general joystep. @enjoyedmmusic
*NEW* HOLY STRAYS:  A Parisien producer/artist/DJ. He is something a bit special.  He remixed Loney Dear last year and  had 2 ltd singles on Not Not Fun last year and August sees the debut UK single on Morning Ritual.
Christabell A and B, born here as non-identical twins, float disembodied, urgent and gospel voices, twinkling micro-melodies and tidal, almost ecclesial, organ sounds over eerily meditative and deftly skittering atmospheric rhythms.  Oh yes they do. @holystrays
LEVERAGE MODELS have just released a new single Sweep and finished (yesterday) a colossal US tour. You can hear lots more here and find out what the Guardian made of them here.

There will be a new video from them any day now also. @leveragemodels
LONEY DEAR is still touring Hall Music all over the world and hits Summer Sundae and Green Man in the UK this month.  @loneydear
MEMORY TAPES: We suggest you watch this space.    @memorytapes
PHILCO FICTION: OK. This is heating up. The album, Take It Personal is available to buy digitally worldwide.  Copies of the CD will be in Rough Trade Aug 13. PRE-ORDER HERE .
They just opened for Neon Indian, Chromatics and, um, Snoop Dogg. Nice.
A truly staggering remix of Portrait Of Silence by Holy Strays just went up on FACT. This is an amazing piece of music. Go see the videos for Finally and I Want You again.    A lot more is coming soon. European tour to be announced soon. @PhilcoFiction
VISIONS OF TREES: released their brilliant eponymous debut album a month or so back to great acclaim. And rightly so.  It’s a wonderful album. Brilliant brilliant pop music.  They are playing Beacons Festival this month and will be touring all autumn. Keep up here. @VisionsOfTrees
What else?
Oh yes. We started a Publishing Company in league with our friends from Beggars.  Very exciting. First signings to be announced VERY SOON.
Have you noticed how disco we have got lately?  Well, we have. And there is mroe to come.
Oh and look at these two….

Would you like to know our fave 16 records this half-and-a-bit year? You WOULD? Ohhhh kay….
1.  Julia Holter                    Ekstasis
2.  Jon Talabot                   fIN
3.  Lindstrom                                    Six Cups Of Rebel
4.  NZCA/Lines                    s/t
5.  Baroness                         Yellow/Green
            Rock music (remember?) done very well
6.  Bobby Womack           The Bravest Man In The Universe
7.  Chromatics                    Kill For Love
            My fave really
8.  Dexys                               One Day I’m Going To Soar
            So fucking great it hurts
9.  DIIV                                  Oshin
            Old skool indie with a touch of kraut
10. Grimes                            Visions
            You know
11. Jack White                  Blunderbuss
            Gig of the year. So good.
12. Niki & The Dove           Instincts
            Pop hits allll over
13. Petar Dundov      
           Kraftwerky trance
14. Santigold                       Master Of Make Believe
            Love this, minus the MIAisms
15. The Shins                                   Port Of Morrow
            So shit live but such great tunes
16. Zelionople                     The Fire…
            Las thing at night, very Mark Hollis
17 Various                            Electro Diskow
            Mixmag’s 80s comp. badass.
Films of the year so far
The Dark Knight Rises
Don’t see this changing much
Iron Sky tho. A space Nazi scifi comedy B Movie with a Laibach soundtrack. You are either in or you are out.  I am in.
Haywire. Soderbergh’s lady fighting film. Ace.
21 Jump Street was funnier than it had any right to be
Lotsa good TV: Game Of Thrones, Justified, Newsroom, Veep
Oh and here’s a prediction:  After the Olympics, GB goes into liquidation and London is declared a Republic.
I will recommence reading on holiday. More on that later. There’s even a new Malcolm Pryce novel in the pile to go.  Goooood times.  And recommendations from Amanda, Christian, Midfield General, mr Myhill and more to be dived into.
*remember when it rained for 100 days straight?
Kaffir Lime leaves, beetroot, rib eye steak, camping, Jack White, M&S Cream Slices, A Perfect World, Blitz, Outer Space, Inner Space (looking at you God Particle) Dante, Richard King, Light In The Attic, 1982, First Aid Kit. Texan sun, JAMC, Nikolai Tesla, ol’ Dr Green, the Romance of the Telescope and DEVO have all served.
Until Next time…