VALLEY OF THE DOLLS is here, y’hear…


 A SIC records compilation CD, exclusive to Urban Outfitters, digital exclusive to iTunes .


Label samplers are boring.  Valley Of The Dolls has tunes.  It has a disco theme, kinda, along with some psychedelic pop too, as usual.  It is cool.  Even, no especially, if we do say so ourselves.  We made it so, with love and care.  Some of the bands you’ll know, some you may have heard of and some you will be hearing about soon enough.

We promise tunes that you will sing along to.  That is all/everything.

Label samplers are boring.  So we make mixtapes instead; sequenced like we would an album, to take you on a journey, to soundtrack/brighten your drive/commute/BBQ/life.   Some of the acts are on SIC, some are not (yet).  Many are exclusive, most are very new, one is old.

Something In Construction has made some great compilations.  Oh yes.  The last two were Better Pop Music which was a giveaway with NME and last year’s Love SIC Disco via The Guardian which got over 100,000 plays and 30,000 full downloads.

We are very happy to be doing this one with Urban Outfitters. We hate shopping, truth be told, but we do like UO because well, there’s always something cool in there and we like the clothes.  Easy.

As well as SIC’s artists (Memory Tapes, Air France, The Concretes, ANR, Visions Of Trees, Philco Fiction, Loney Dear etc), the comps have feaured early and rare releases from Washed Out, Leisure Society, Phoenix, Emmy The Great, Ceremony, Animal Collective and lots more.

This one has these songs.

which is all pretty amazing.  a lot of these songs are new and exclusive and you will be hearing more from these artists….soon


Hand assembled by our old friend Akira The Don at Don Studios. It is, as I am sure you will notice, both colourful and wonderful.  Another track from the forthcoming album Take It Personal, out in July.

PHILCO are on tour across the rain streaked streets of Europe, starting tonight in Kristiansands.  They are good people. Get out there and support them.

Apr 27         Kristiansand, Norway
Apr`28         Hamburg, Germany w/Fanfarlo
Apr 29         Copengagen, Denmark  w/Fanfarlo
May 01        Stockholm. Sweden  w/Fanfarlo
May 02        Gothenburg, Sweden   w/Fanfarlo
May 04        Trondheim, Norway   w/Harry’s Gym
May 5          Oslo, Norway  w/Harry’s Gym

May 11        London, Old Blue Last (A Perfect World)
May 12        Brighton, The Great Escape Guardian Stage
May 14        Paris, Fleche D’Or  w/Fanfarlo
May 15        Brussels, Botanique  w/Fanfarlo
May 16        Amsterdam  w/Fanfarlo
May 17        London Lexington w/Blackbird Blackbird
May 18        London Bella Union Session
Jun 06         London, Village Underground w/Neon Indian/Chromatics


Legendary?  Mythical?  Maybe.  Damn though, they are excellent company.  Thoroughly nice gentlemen, thoughtful and smart.  And funny, like you would not believe.   Long nights in the garden at SIC Towers spent draining the wine lake and giggling til dawn.

Air France – June Evenings

Oh yes, and the music.  Not the world’s most prolific group but every note was perfect.  The music paints pictures in your mind.  Detailed pictures.  Memories, perfect dreams, perfect parties and feelings that exist just outside language, on the tip of your tongue.

Air France – Collapsing At Your Doorstep

Not an easy thing to do.   Not easy music to make.   “We are not musicians” was what they constantly said to me.  I don’t think that is true, even if they do.  Not for a second, not ever….

Air France were one of those groups that defy category or fashion.  Everyone liked them. So it is sad that they have split up but it is completely fantastic that they existed.  All good things must pass.

Air France – No Excuses

Here’s a few memories and a few tributes.

Air France – No Way Down

Air France – Windmill Wedding

“Honestly i think of henrik and joel as possibly the funniest people i’ve ever met. miss u” – @MemoryTapes

Air France – Beach Party

Experiencing a night out with Air France was always like experiencing something for the first time. Even if the surroundings were familiar, the company was always extra-terrestrial. Joel and Henrik treat a night out on the tiles with all the enthusiasm of an 8 week old puppy. Even on a cold and very damp November evening last year, after a fairly chaotic DJ set in the East End (which would ultimately be their last London appearance), David – their long suffering manager – asked me to take care of them and make sure they didn’t get into “too much trouble”. It seemed like a reasonable task. After all, it was 1am on a week night – the choices for after show drinks few and far between.

I still can’t quite figure out what happened. But I’ll say this much, come the end of the night the boys had not only managed to lose a member of Memory Tapes (he was found ‘wandering’ around the streets of London looking baffled the next morning) but (perhaps more) worryingly attracted the attention of a crazy Canadian girl who hijacked their taxi and come the morning, was discovered by David – in his office – with mild amnesia. There was also the case of the missing pot plant, but that’s another story altogether.

Like their music and their releases, Air France treat everyday like it’s their last. There’s something beautifully poetic about them. Their aura a constant, hazy memory.

In exactly 7 days I’m flying out to Gothenburg to stay with Joel. “We gonna fuck the place up and leave the ruins behind us.” His words, not mine.

(Rich Thane – The Line Of Best Fit)

Air France – It Feels Good To Be Around You

Air France – GBG Belongs To Us

Air France – The Sweetness Of Air France

Saint Etienne – Spring (Air France Remix)

Air France RIP


Fri 27 Apr    UK   London  Waiting Room w/Voyeurist+DJ Dreamtrak

Fri 11 May  UK   London  Old Blue Last w/Philco Fiction+DJ Dreamtrak

Sat 12 May UK   Brighton The Great Escape w/EMA DJ

Sat 19 May UK   London   Birthdays  w/Haxan Cloak

Sat 26 May UK   London   Bishopsgate Institute w/S.C.UM.

Sat 02 Jun   UK    London  TheNest w/Dreamtrak                                            

Tue 12 Jun  UK    London   The Social w/Paper Cranes