March Tales, in which many things happen.

First up, AIR FRANCE have split.  This is a sad day.  Full and rather beautiful statement from the boys here. We wish Joel and Henrik unconditional love, every good fortune and the very best for the future.   The  music  remains.

 A week back, SIC went to SXSW. Not been to the US in two years for some reason.  I missed its strangeness.  So it was great to spend a bit of time with friends over there.  ANR played some of the best sets I have ever seen and PHILCO FICTION entranced and enchanted audiences across town.  My feet broke and I drank bacon vodka.  Full  story here.

You are smart, you will find parts 2-5 of it.

LONEY DEAR.  Emil and his band hit town on their world tour.  Nice review here They are in the US with of Montreal at the moment and return for another UK run in May, featuring Great Escape, Camden Crawl and the Old Norwegian church in Cardiff Bay, which I first visited in 1976.  Details  here.

We will release another single from Hall Music, the beautiful What Have I Become? Featuring Emil and Mailn’s voices intertwined in pop heaven.  What kind of video shall we make?

PHILCO FICTION have been making friends all over the world at quite a pace, it seems.  It was lovely to see a full page feature on the band in Under The Radar while we were in Austin.  The Guardian was kind enough to premiere the video for Finally and the piece they ran a month back has had well over 35,000 plays.

The band are back on the road in April and May, touring the continent with Harry’s Gym, Fanfarlo and doing dates in the UK, including The Great Escape and A Perfect World…

A PERFECT WORLD?  What is that?  Where is that?  Can I come? Well it’s here. But, a bit like Oz, it’s around you.  Things are going to get worse for all of us this year.

God help us when we are old and sick, and the choice of private healthcare options is like puzzling over whether to get the gold or platinum toothbrush holder. But for now, let’s party like it’s 1979 and Thatcher was just mad handbaglady opposition MP.

A PERFECT WORLD is based on a cool dream we had after smoking weed and watching Drive for the 25th time. That soundtrack, Disco Noir, Dreamtrak, Balam Acab and The Sisters Of Mercy meet The Chromatics, Niki & The Dove and well, VISIONS OF TREES will be what you are hearing.  Free parties all. Free shots, free stuff.

VISIONS OF TREES will play the first four parties.  DREAMTRAK will DJ.  There will be guests.  The dates are below.  Visions Of Trees unveiled their first single this week, TURN 2 U on FACT.  They shot a video for it last week which will pop up next week some time.  Rob Dabank is going to give it its first radio play this weekend on Radio 1.  Visions Of Trees updates here.

Their debut album comes in June and it’s just brilliant. Disco noir indeed.  Epic, sultry, wired, huge pop tunes

13 Apr Shacklewell Arms w/Plant Plants live, Dreamtrak, SIC DJs
27 Apr The Waiting Room w/Paper Cranes, Voyeurist, Dreamtrak,
11 May The Old Blue Last w/Philco Fiction, Dreamtrak, SIC DJs
02 Jun The Nest w/Special Guests, Dreamtrak, SIC DJs

ANR played 5 absolute zingers at SXSW, mixing in some of the amazing new songs, Stay Kids favourites and a cover of Usher’s Climax that they have to record.  Next week please.  There was a full house each time and dancing and even a moshpit at one show.  The new tunes have a purple aura to them and they are pophits.  Last few US shows this weekend, then into the studio they go to bring you the magic. Singles soon, album later.

VALLEY OF THE DOLLS has a new song from ANR, called The Other Lover, along with new and exclusive tunes from Air France, John Talabot, Icona Pop, NZCA/LINES, Loney Dear, Philco Fiction, Hooray For Earth, TV Girl and more on

CDs arrived at SIC while I was writing this update and they look amazing.  It’s going to be an Urban Outfitters exclusive CD out April 9th.  Pre-order here.

MEMORY TAPES is buried deep in the studio.  More soon.  There is a very brilliant version of Philip Glass’ Floe 87 on Beck’s Philip Glass 75th birthday tribute album coming in June.   Oh, and his remix of Air France’s final single is on Valley Of The Dolls.  You saw this, right?

NIVA is also hard at it on his debut album, coing this summer.  His Boy From The Sun video has topped 700,000 plays by the way.  Stunned, I was, to read that. The good will out.

 LEVERAGE MODELS Are playing an amazing show on 3/29th at Cameo in Williamsburg. AU are headlining, LM is on FIRST. 6 song set. As usual it will “either rule or be a spectacular disaster”. His band members are on loan from St. Vincent, Wildbird & Peacedrums, Larkin Grimm, Dean & Britta, etc.  You need to hear this music.  The first two EPs are available free on that Bandcamp link. Picture Rundgren, Roxy, Tubeway Army and Japan fed party drugs while trapped in a lift or, hey, a loft, or more accurately a hay loft for a weekend and you are on the right track. Features saxophones.

That’s a lot isn’t it.

We might have a few new signings next time I write and, what, a whole new division of SIC Enterprises.  SIC Music and SIC Attire.  Coming when we get a minute.


There have been some amazing records lately coming our way.

JULIA HOLTER Ekstasis.  Hard to describe this one. A rural, choral Cocteau Twins mural?  It’s art, it’s beautiful and it’s very accessible.

NIKI & THE DOVE. Wasn’t really sold on this lot on the singles but the album is the pop album of the year for me.

JOHN TALABOT.  This is dance music, 80s synths over disco leaning house?  Does that make sense?  It’s a damn fine album.  You are going to end up buying it so you might as well stat now.

SINEAD o’CONNOR.  The last 5 albums of hers I have not made it to the end of.  This one is rather great in places.  She is prone to somewhat deranged posturing out burst in other places, not unlike…

… MDNA.  I bought this. Sort of wish I hadn’t now.

THEE SATISFACTION.  This lot were on Shabbaz Palaces record last year and it’s quirky fun hip hop de nos jour.

THE SHINS album is great. I wasn’t feeling the last one. Loved Chutes Too Narrow and loved Broken Bells and I love this.  They are eye-closingly dull live though.

THE STEPKIKDS album is amazing.  Saw them in Texas. Was expecting them to look like The Roots. The look like Phoenix.  I am racist.  Brilliant Delphonics-with-beats tunes aplenty.

SLEIGH BELLS’ record is pretty great too.  Ignore the shruggers.

Also new Bruce Springsteen, old old Talking Heads (up to but not including Little Creatures), Cloud Nothings, Peaking Lights, First Aid Kit (all via Wichita), Frankie Rose, McCarthy, Balam Acab (play it LOUD) , Jacques Greene and Dreamtrak. Oh…Dreamtrak.

The Cocteau Twins live on Heaven Or Las Vegas tour?  Go on then.

We have been playing PES on the Xbox and old Call Of Duty games.  A lot.

Oh….TROLL HUNTER.  Wasn’t convinced but oh my, that is a fun film.  Norway, you are a weird fish.

BACON VODKA though.  You really must try it.  They put bacon in or near everything in Texas.  Blood Mary? Yes please. Celery? No, Bacon. Fuck, no.  I mean yes.  Oh dear.

They’ll be making bacon chocolate next…

Stop it, or you will anger the gods…..

Too late