SATURDAY. Make it stop.

Swing my feet out of bed. They touch the floor. Agony. This is going to be hard. Make decision to sit down as much as possible today. I have one show today. This means I can relax.
A breakfast of Red Headed Strangers. This is a bloody mary with a vegetable garden hanging out of the top. And a rasher of crispy bacon. Oh Emm Gee. Amazing. And another. We head off to catch MNDR. She is amazing. I sing along. She is playing in a 56foot high Doritos vending machine. Life is weird. And getting weirder. We dash to meet Mr and Mrs Wichita at ANR’s show. I have some moonshine, some liquid THC and a jazz fag. Lunch is served. Amazing.
We go for a walk in sun to the Vice dayparty, which is being held in a sweltering cattle shed. We see a little TANLINES and it sounds nice but it is too hot hot here. We lie on the grass outside. Life is good. Weird, but good. A succession of friends and new people come and hang out. Everyone is looking a little the worse for wear. Us among them.

5pm and we head to see A$AP ROCKY. He is not on. After half an hour we pop out to rerefresh. Still not on. Another half an hour.  We pop out to rerefresh. I am very refreshed. ANR join us. Finally he comes on. The ASAP bit is presumably ironic. The bass is impossibly loud. It is exciting. The crowd goes bananas. Extremely.  Stuff is thrown. Later they will play again and this will repeat and descend into a riot. This afternoon is fine but too damn hot in this tin shed. We head out. It says here I see DEERHOOF and PSYCHIC ILLS. Maybe I did. I do however remember JACQUES GREENE. Not heard him before. Not seen that many tiny lasers in one room either. Syncopating.  I am mesmerised. I am dancing.  Amazing.  Minimal techno, bleepy r’n’b, whatever, this is a tonic.  Love it.  Later, when I get home I will buy my first ever music on iTunes. It is by Mr Greene. I am dancing in my chair to it now.

I see Fanfarlo again and then a random misturn takes us to see OFF. Formed of sundry West coast 80s hardcore veterans, the music is as you’d expect. But the crowd, the crowd is a sight to behold. Absolute mayhem. Bodies flying. Glasses and trashcans flying. Chairs flying. This is perhaps some sort of illicit organ harvesting scam in the guise of a hardcore show. It is pretty funny to watch. A giant Samoan man runs into the pit, climbs onto the stage, grins and jumps belly first into the crowd, which parts like the red sea and he hits the ground, gets up and runs out grinning. Amazing. The audience tear down the lighting. This looks messy. We leave. Love you, hardcore, you fucking nutcases.

We watch BEST COAST from the pavement from outside the packed Hypemachine do and they sound mighty fine. Looking forward to that record. And then it is time for bed. ZZZZzzzzzzzz.