FRIDAY and a show in the morning.

PHILCO FICTION play at 11am for Filter magazine’s breakfast BBQ. The place is mobbed and all is smiles. They have brought the vibes. I see dancing and happy faces. In your face, other bands. I am drinking coffee. And beer. We hang around and all is good. I catch another ANR show on Maggie Mae’s rooftop. MJ has clearly taken extra rockstrar pills today. These new songs sound like hits. Blistering. Amazing. And funky. There is dancing. The SXSW crowds are loving this. I seen a 8ft blue Arcade Fire poster at this event. Next to it is an 8ft ANR one, in green. Omens.

ANR then play again an hour later at the Neon Gold party right next to band of the moment HAIM. The place is filled with friends, wine and vibes. I am having a great time. I know they will knock this out of the park. And they do. Win.
HAIM are all girls and they have some damn fine tunes up their sleeves. Live they come across as Dum Dum Girls territory but with better tunes and singing but on record they have a Cyndi/Fleetwood element. Weird.

I do not enter the lottery to see Springsteen. Everyone I speak to who does, wins. Let us not speak of this again.

I pop in to see FANFARLO and they are just the ticket. Soothing tunes. Soon they will tour with PHILCO FICTION. Then I catch an hours nap on a bean bag. I only managed two hours last night. I am restored again.

The choice is more mayhem or a nice sitdown dinner and an early night. I choose wisely.