A Hangover free Wednesday

I meet our hosts, the lovely Amanda and Bill, who look after us all week, when we are too weak to remember we are hungry or to asleep to know it’s morning.
The first PHILCO FICTION show is a treat. They are playing as a two piece and it sounds crisp and lush. A pub off 6th St, and near Whole Foods. I have not eaten for 24 hrs and indulge myself on a sushi breakfast. I am worth it.

I seem to have wandered and wondered and ended up at a Pitchfork hip hop party, MR MOTHERFUCKING EXQUIRE, SCHOOLBOY Q, and things of that nature. I am only half convinced. My feet hurt, after only 24hrs. I take a lunch at the IronWorks barbecue. It is huge. A full cow. I will never eat again.

We wonder off to catch KORALLREVEN, who are nice enough but not really bringing the drama onstage. It is ridiculously hot. We pop into the Under The Radar party and pick up magazines. There is a big feature on PHILCO FICTION. Ace. We queue to see THE WEDDING PRESENT doing Seamonsters. Not sure this qualifies as work exactly but whatever. On entry, we discover our big fact sheet print off of day parties is A MASSIVE LIE. They are not on for another 24hrs. Dammit. Luckily CAVEMAN are tho. They are on my list and me and the margarita I am bonding with enjoy them greatly.

Another PHILCO FICTION out back of a bar on the end of 6th. It is like someone’s backgarden. They shine. Turid is wearing a green kimono. She stand out from the hipsters masses a mile. Star power innit.

Philco and I head off to see Sleepy Sun. I love their albums. Live, they are a tussle between something quite delicate and beautiful and a big blunt stoner rock cudgel. Hmmmm.

Next it is time to see ANR. They are 50% bigger now with the addition of Moleman pon di drums. Half Stay Kids winners and half brand new zingers and a cover of Usher’s Climax makes for a fine fine fine set. And did I mention the room is packed the fuck out. And there is a moshpit. Well, did you ever? Damn, we need to get them back to Europe soon.
I have not been invited to Willie Nelson’s house party. Fail.

The day ends.