Superb Owl and February Joy


A quick one.

Yes, we admit it. We are very relieved that MDNA’s Superb Owl show last night was amazing and massive and fun.  She’s 53, you know.  And back in the game.

(Also: Stereolab.*)

Speaking of the game, we have new things for you. We’re very proud to announce the signing of VISIONS OF TREES to the label.  We’ve been fans since they opened for Memory Tapes in 2010.  They are equal parts Sonic Youth, Moroder and Madonna, excellent people and utterly bursting with ideas.

The album is coming in the Spring.  First tho, a non-lp tune, Deeper Than Sleep, a little taster of what is to come.  Sign up to get the mp3 and further treats, before we get going with the album.  You could also do worse than go see this from 2011 single Sirens.  

They are playing The Line Of Best Fit’s 5th Birthday party at White Heat on Feb 28 with Icona Pop and NZCA/Lines.  An amazing bill.  Come.

LONEY DEAR.  Did you see the stunning video for Loney Blues.  It is not a remake of Halloween.  Although it does remind us a bit of that. has had a makeover. All the best bits and bobs from the promo have been added in and will continue to be.

Emil has been taking his full band show on the road across Europe and recording bits along the way.  Catch My Heart live in Paris  and also live in Brussels here.  There are some UK dates this month and the full tour which winds across Europe and into the US with Of Montreal is here.

19 Feb  Bristol The Louisiana   Buy tickets

20 Feb  London, UK Bush Hall Buy tickets

We have a new SIC Mgmt client for you.  PHILCO FICTION.  We braved the weather to go see them play in their home country of Norway in December and were blown away.  Absolutely lovely people too.  The Guardian did a nice piece, as did the 405.  Rob DaBank, Huw Stephens and John Kennedy all played a tune or two on the radio in the last few weeks.  Following Euro dates in January, they played a Sold the fuck Out show at the Lexington a week ago.

And they had time to record a jaw dropping one take, one mic, one glitterball, one drum version of Portrait Of Silence for our favourite new music blog, NoFearOfPop too.

Next stop SXSW.


Come on then. ANR have got 35 amazing new songs for the next record and are aiming for that sweet spot between Around The World In A Day and Parade.  Goddam.  MEMORY TAPES is busy in the studio too, as is AIR FRANCE, as is NIVA and LEVERAGE MODELS. Expect releases from all the above this year.

Did you see these badass re-imagined vintage posters of modern films?

Our old friend Akira The Don has been making some amazing videos for his Life Equation album. Next up is one for Broke featuring Gruff Rhys.

*Stereolab.  Years ago, I quite like Stereolab. Wasn’t such a fan of them live.  I bought a few elpees in the last year and loved them.  Finally, I cracked this weekend.  I admit it, they are amazing.  Amazing.  One the very best European groops of the last few decades. I ordered a further 10 (ten!) albums on Amazon marketplace yesterday. Their catalogue is so big but AMP is sooo cheap.  Stereolab penance starts now.   Looking forward to it too.

Also basking in the warmth of SIC love this month

Cloud Nothings second.  Incredible. Albini at the helm playing Scrabble and removing melodies.

Lindstrom’s newest Six Cups Of Rebel is mentally brilliant. Hilariously OTT  and fun.

As is 2 Bears great debut record. For similar but very different reasons.

As is Standard Planets’ forthcoming kraut/prog/psych debut elpee.

As is First Aid Kit’s #1 in Sweden second elpee, The Lion’s Roar

As is the Drexciya catalogue which is new to us but we love it.

Did you buy the David Bowie song by song biography by Pete Doggett?  No? Well more fool you.

We watched The Kill List finally. Was NOT expecting that.  It is burned onto our brain.  Forever. Pretty damnedoriginal and The Wickerman is all I can suggest as a comparison.

Watch it as a double bill with Red State.  Kevin Smith has made an amazing film.  It isn’t like ANY of his other films.  Bleak and harsh and diamond sharp.  Plus it skewers religious extremism which is a subject close to all of our hearts. Right?

The Ides Of March was indeed a Candidate for our times.  And pretty damn fine and shiny. If depressing.

As was Contagion.  All fun and smiles in the winter, innit.


And finally…
…a massive croc
caught in Angola just now