Ace new video week #1 MEMORY TAPES: Trance Sisters

The final single to be lifted from Memory Tapes‘ slow burning pop masterpiece, Player Piano continues the record’s monochrome theme (see also: the black and white videos for ‘Today Is Our Life’ and the Grammy nominated ‘Yes I Know’).

Vera Todorova, a young Berlin-based film-maker, was given a wildly ambitious brief: to remake the George Lucas cult sci-fi debut THX1138 for not much more than the cost of a couple of flights to Berlin and back. She rose to the task, amazingly, and delivered a memorably great narrative video that starts like some contemporary newsreel footage of civil disobedience and ends up…well, shan’t spoil it, but “demented, sci-fi mind control” is not a phrase we use often. But we will. And it fits here.

Taken from the album ‘Player Piano’ available from Something In Construction.