Hello there, you lowdown beautiful geniuses, what is UP?

You are looking tanned and sizzly.  Go get some.  You deserve it.

Hope you had a good summer.  We did.  Festivals and holidays and cycling and afternoons in the pub?  Almost felt rested a few weeks ago.  For about 2 hours on bank holiday Monday.  A moment of luxury. treasured forever.

September Songs Already?  Seems  yes

First up, come and have a look at our YouTube channel.  We have made some splendid clips over the last 5 years. There’s a Best Of right here and you will find the first in what will be a regular expanding playlist from us called…..
SONGS TO CHANGE TO, which will have our favourite new videos, some SIC clips and some old picks that we just fancied another look at.
A SIC video jukebox, in the modern style, indeed.

Next out of the traps for us is LONEY DEAR, returned to the fold after a stint at EMI.  HALL MUSIC is his 6th album, out next month.  It is also his best.  Not often this happens, is it?

Anyway it’s sort of Hunky Dory meets Deserters Songs and if that doesn’t make you interested a bit, then frankly I am a bit worried about you, unless you are young, in which case, there is hope for you yet but Do HURRY UP.  It looks like this and you can pre-order here

Great big orchestral lush and very affecting pop songs like this in the Guardian and this in NME.
He makes an appearance in London on 26th Sept a guest of John Vanderslice at the Lexington.  We are about to announce a series of very special London shows for Loney.  He is doing a US tour in November* too. Deets below.                  @loneydear

ANR are hard at work touring the US and have been for weeks.  Remaining dates are below** Our friends at Neon Gold in the US have made a 7″ single of It’s Around You and new song Blood On Blood.  Really stupidly limited stock is here on Monday.   Looks like this…

Watch out tomorrow for a video for It’s Around You, debuting on the prestigious Rolling Stone site and is directed By Jillian “I am Your Grandma” Meyer.
Also you may expect to see a beautifully shot session from ANR online in the very near future                     @ANRmiami

MEMORY TAPES has just finished a sold out US tour and broke his foot on the last night, the poor fella.  Anyway he is stuck at home and that is good news for us.  Expect a LARGE new things from him in the next month.  Can’t reveal yet cos it’s to be a surprise but you will like it, fo’ shizzle.
Also we are putting together a remix EP containing the best of the Player Piano remixes (and maybe an older one or two) and perhaps something new too.
He is also part of what are calling, with good reason, The Secret Beck Project. There are also several remixes of and by him about to drop so lots of new Memory Tapes action.  Exciting.        @memorytapes

AIR FRANCE have dusted of their passports and their internets.  Following their dates with Memory Tapes and StarSlinger thnis summer, I am sure by now that you’ve heard the Hypemachine #1 It Feels Good To Be Around You mixed by Mr Star Slinger and they also just dropped this stunningmixtape for Fact  Whatever next?      @theAirFrance

NIVA is about to give us a brand new song.  Thought I’d have it today.   Soon though.  Very soon.  And it is his best yet. Easily.

A LULL  A road trip ends in a sex, paint and fireworks and whatnot here in this here video for SOME LOVE about young folks doing what young folks do                                 @aLull


Mr Models is about to unleash EP2 entitled FORENSIC ACCOUNTING on Oct 10.  It picks up where the 1st EP left off and pushes way out into the cool clear waters of the sea of wonder.   Dense and opulent, not so much experimental as fearless, super tightly orchestrated pop music stretched back in on itself.
When asked to cover and 80s song for a forthcoming comp, he opted right away for Associates’ Part Fears Two.  This is close to my heart and tells you all you need to know about Leverage Models.                         @leveragemodels

 are new to SIC’s management stable. They are 4x 20 yr old boys from Salt lake City.  You can witness what they do right here They have been picking up radio play already over here and you will hear much of them next year.  Follow them here . Also on tour in the US right now***                          @desertnoises

THE REST have stirred again too.  Hamstrung and screwed by the loss of their second album into Hard drive hell.. However the people that deal with black box recorders of aeroplanes (!) are retrieving it and first out of the blocks is this.  Rougher, bigger, louder, harder but just as beautiful,Always On My Mind is HUGE and it’s free so grab it….

…and while you are there, that blog, No Fear Of Pop is an absolute trove of wonder.  Aesthetes and moderns are advised to head over.

 and THE GAY BLADES are all beavering away.  More from them soon, no doubt

What is happening to THE SUN MACHINE?  Not sure today.  Bear with us.

Do look at ex SIC whiz AKIRA THE DON‘s new clip for Babydoll.  Its FUN.

Tell you who else is good…

TV GIRLS.  Utterly brilliant pop music, like Beck used to make but with better lyrics and completely effortless slacker style.
NZCA/LINES who may be heard here  and here.  Sleek, modern, artful, electronic-ish pop, dripping with ideas, class and songs.  Nice.
CUCKOO CHAOS who’s African highlife flavoured pop has elements of The Cure in, to my aged ears.
SEAMS. Young Jami is making better and better beats and he is going to knock our socks off soon.

What else?

Some records that have made us happy lately? OK

#1 Girls: Father Son, Holy Ghost.
The guitar record of the year. Neil Young, Teenage Fanclub, Low, Sonic Youth, Love…..all are here.  Very special stuff.  So familiar, right off the bat. Instant classic.

The Chemical Brothers:   Hanna OST.  Amazing

TV On The Radio: Nine Types Of Light.  Still amazing.

Mara Carlyle (pretty and shimmering)

PlanningToROck W Sort of Billly Mackenzie meetsGrace Jones. And if that had happened, I’d be sooo happy (RIP Bill).

PJ Harvey Let England Shake.  My kids are singing these songs. Friend of mine say it sounds like Abba and so it does. Sort of.  Most deserving Mercury win since……her last time.

We’ve also been going back to Aphrodite’s Child (Vangelis! And Demis Roussos! In a cool 60s band! That still sounds like SFA and David Bowie! Sort Of!), Manitoba, M83 (dude’s catalogue is impressive), The Raspberries (bubblegum heaven), Palace Brothers (grumpy), Cee Lo Green(old skool pop star), Rodriguez (Sugarman and so much more), and um Duran Duran, Public Enemy and Gary Numan

And films?

Hanna was amazing.  You didn’t see it, that’s OK; neither did I til the weekend; so sort that out now. It’s like Leon.  And Picnic At Hanging Rock but in Finland. And Morocco. And um a proper scary fairy tale house
OK.  We have been going a bit mondo-modern, so it you can stomach it
Hobo With A Shotgun!

Drive Angry, which I wish I’d seen in 3D now. Sorta Race With The Devil with the Devil.
Super 8 was not bad as was Capt America
Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes was the best blockbuster of the Summer.
Or mebbe Thor.
Bridesmaids and Paul were pretty funny.

What else?
LA Noire is getting better
Pulp were amazing.
I saw Brazil play football.  They are GOOD at it.
Caitlin Moran’s book should be taught in schools
Retromania is way better than I feared it would be. So far.
Please write to your MP about the NHS.  It takes 10 minutes and there is no question whatsoever that you will rue not doing it when you get sick in 5 or 20 years.  Act NOW.  NOW I know you don’t know who your MP is. Most of the time it matters not.  But this does. So use this  OK?

…If you have a recipe for a Spanish tortilla thing, bring it on.  We can’t get it to hold together.  We are al most out of the wine we brought back from France so that is A PROBLEM.

We have had a great idea for our second book.  Secret though for now.
* Loney Dear solo deluxe tour dates:
11/03 New York Rockwood Music Hall
11/04 Montreal, QC O Patro Vys
11/05 Toronto, ON The Drake Hotel
11/07 Chicago, IL Schubas
11/09 San Francisco, CA Cafe Du Nord
11/10 Los Angeles, CA Hotel Cafe

**ANR dates
9/13: Portland, OR Doug Fir*
9/15: San Francisco, CA Bottom Of The Hill*
9/16: Fresno, CA Audie’s Olympic*
9/17: Los Angeles, CA The Satellite*
9/20: San Diego, CA Soda Bar*
9/22: Austin, TX 501 Studios
9/23: Fort Worth, TX Lolas
9/25: New Orleans, LA Hi Ho Lounge
9/26: Atlanta, GA Drunken Unicorn

***Desert Noises
9/16- 814 E. 200 N – Logan, UT
9/17- Bees Knees Fest – Rexburg, ID

Buy our records.  Today.